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    miracle aquarium!

    ok, I got my green pufferfish and i wanted to see how they would do with the rest of my fish so i put them in the large aquarium with my tetras, guramis, and parrotfish. They get along with the rest of my fish great. and they eat the flake food really well, i have had them for about three weeks...
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    hey , hmmmm.....?

    Can kids be on fishlore, im just curious....
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    spotted green pufferfish?

    I have a few quetions about spotted green pufferfish, im getting one tomarrow. What do spotted green pufferfish eat? Can they be with bumblebee gobies? ( like i read ). Can they be changed to eating regular fish flake food? I just dont know the answers and i feel i could trust these answers off...
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    spotted green puffer fish?

    Ok I would love to have a couple spotted green puffer fish. can they be with tank mates of seperate species? and what do they eat. I am prepared to have a seperate tank for them if needed.
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    betta question.....

    Ok, I have one of those tank dividers that lift up and there is a clear sheild. I the pet store i bought the fish from said they only carry males. I am wondering why the two "male" bettas I bought keep on making bubbles at the top of the tank. ps. one of them is a silver white color with blue...
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    platy babies with feeder guppies?NEED ANSWERS SOON! FISH IS ALMOST READY!

    I have a platy that is almost ready to give birth, can i put the newborn platys with the newborn guppies?
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    baby guppies?

    I went to this new pet store and bought some feeder guppies. I wanted to get some because, seeing that their fate was being eaten. I put then in a 10 gallon tank and they have a pale whiteish color. I was wondering if they were going to get colors like the adult guppies i saw in the tanks. They...
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    baby guppies

    I went to this new pet store and got some feeding guppies, they are just babies and I felt sorry for them , seeings their fate was being eaten, and I have them in a ten gallon tank. They are all a pale white color and I was wondering if they were going to get colorful like the adults in the...
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    Talk About being scared...

    OK I know i havent been on here for a while but there was just a major storm here in missouri! im talkking huge! tornados and flying simi trucks! so we lost our electricity for 2 days and i didnt know what to do for my fish, so i took a bucket and took some water out and then poured it back in...
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    hey... any ideas???

    hey!!!!!!! I just want to know any fish you might recomend! favorite breeds.... good tempermented...colorful.... also does anyone have any fish websites that tells about breeds of fish? thank you! ps. i dont plan on getting anymore ... i just want to know you opinion. dont let that discourage...
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    hello, I NEED HELP!

    Some of you may of seen me with mollie trouble and I wondered what the white tube looking thing is on my pregnant white mollie, well I thought mabey I could get more answers if I put it in a thread rather than attached to one of my seperate posts. Please help me, she has been pregnant for about...
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    mollie, I need help!!! pregnant

    mollie, I need help!!! pregnant , need replies please!!!! I asked a quetion about why my mollie isnt having her babies ( help still wanted for that question) and i looked her over really ood just a sec ago..... I noticed that where her gravid spot is ... her umm, "disposal hole" is white. is...
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    The contest for the nicest aquarium

    Hello, does anyone know when the contest starts for the nicest aquarium?
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    how to add a picture under my name

    How do you put your pic on the thing that shows you name before eveything ? THANKS!
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    PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!! blood parrot fish trouble.

    HELLO!!!!!! I have such a problem... I have 1 parrot fish that i think is "pregnant" and I cant get any info on them...... all she does is go in her cave I have and she drives "gaurds " it from everything..... idk what to do. PLEASE NO COMMENTS ON THE FISH I HAVE IN MY TANK. THANK YOU...
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    29 Gallon Tank I think my mollie is pregnant, but no babies???

    Hello!!!!!!!! I have a male and a female mollie in my tank and I think my female is pregnant. She has been this way for many days....well about 3 weeks... she has the dark gravid spot and she has been looking squareish...i moved her in a seperate tank , then i had to move her back and im not...
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    how to ask a question?

    i am sooooooooooooo sorry to have to ask you this but i know how to post a reply but i dont know how to ask a question , any help would be greatly appretiated!!!!!!! and btw i am sorry about asking thi on YOUR question page chase j

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