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  1. jtwizz

    Stocking Options For Community Tank - Feeling Overwhelmed

    I have a 30g tank that is about to be vacated, once my 125 finishes cycling. I currently have four platies in a 20g that I want to move to the 30g and build a community around. all my platies are female, and have never been exposed to males since reaching maturity (i have had them since they...
  2. jtwizz

    First Ever Fishless Cycle

    so I'm setting up a 125g and I want to do it right, so I will be doing a fishless cycle for the first time ever. I have a sunsun 304b canister with ceramic rings.... i also have ceramic rings in my established tanks but it took me so long to set up the sunsun the first time, i'd rather not have...
  3. jtwizz

    Will My Goldfish Get Bigger?

    so about a year and 4 months ago, I won a couple goldfish at a carnival. unbenownst to me at the time, my 20g was much too small for them. as soon as I learned that, I began searching for a larger tank. I was able to upgrade them to a 30g back in June, which while still too small, definitely was...
  4. jtwizz

    Filter Recommendations For 90g+

    My next tank is going to be between 90-120 gallons. It will be home to 2 common goldfish, with no plans to add any other fish. I really do not have any experience with anything other than HOB filters, but am not opposed to other kinds as long as they're easy to set up. What kind of filter would...
  5. jtwizz

    What Did I Get?

    My LPS was having a sale on aquatic plants today 3 small bunches for 10.99, and as I've been wanting to add plants for awhile now, I got 6 problem is none of them were labeled so I have no idea what they were. I'm pretty sure 3 of the bunches are anachris and two of the bunches are some kind of...
  6. jtwizz

    Trace Ammonia? Can't Read Api Results...

    So until recently I have been using the tetra 5 in 1 strips to test nitrate, nitrite, gh, kh, and ph. The 5 in 1 doesn't test for ammonia so I had purchased a separate ammonia test strip kit (jungle). After my tanks finished cycling, I was consistently getting a 0ppm result on the ammonia test...
  7. jtwizz

    Are My Snails Mating?

    This is the fourth or fifth time in the last week I have found my snails in a... compromising position... when should I expect baby snails?
  8. jtwizz

    Reply To Pm

    I realize there is a rule that you have to have 50 posts before initiating a private message. However someone private messaged ME and I have no way to reply to this person due to the rule about private messaging. It seems like there ought to be an exception in circumstances such as this.
  9. jtwizz

    When Kids Name Fish...

    Somtimes you get such obviously simple ones like our newest additions-- snails named Snaily-snail and turbo ... and sometimes you get platys and goldfish named after cartoon characters... Batman, the Flash, Olaf, Sofia, Kristoff, and Spongebob
  10. jtwizz

    Best Way To Rehome Fish

    I currently have two goldfish in a tank that is too small for them, but I am getting a bigger tank this weekend. My current tank is fully cycled with good parameters, so ideally I should use the old tank water to set up the new tank so I don't have to start from scratch with cycling the new...
  11. jtwizz

    Stocking A 20gal Tank

    Hi all! I'm relatively new here, and I firstly want to thank everyone I've encountered so far, who have educated me on the proper way to keep my goldfish. I am planning to rehome my babies to a large tank or pond soon, but in the meantime I am looking ahead to what kind of fish I can keep in the...
  12. jtwizz

    Goldie Ragged Fins

    The tailfins on my two goldfish have been looking a little ragged lately. There are no fungus patches or any other signs of disease. They are in a 30gal tank. Nitrates 20ppm nitrites 0 ammonia 0 gh>300ppm kh 80ppm pH 7.0
  13. jtwizz

    When Is The Best Time To Test Tank Parameters?

    I've been testing my tank once a week, but recently learned that I ought to be doing more frequent water changes. So if I do a water change weekly, should I test my tank right before changing the water, right after (within a few hours) or some time after (a few days later)? Thanks in advance!
  14. jtwizz

    Melafix Not Working For Fin Rot...

    About a week ago, my son noticed that our comet goldfish was acting lethargic and had decreased appetite. Upon inspection, I discovered that her fins were fraying, and she had some kind of injury on her side. After a bit of research, I concluded she was in the beginning stages of fin rot, and I...

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