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    Tank Situation, increased ammonia & nitrite

    My tank was doing fine up until this point. A couple of days ago, my ammonia went up to .25 and nitrite went up to .5, yesterday it was .5/.25-.5. Today, however, they were both 0. I came and noticed that there a bunch of algae had grown on the decoration and the walls. My guppy is doing okay...
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    My tetras in my 20 gallon tank have had ich for a little over a week. I upped the temp a couple degrees and have dosed Seachem Paraguard. I took out the carbon from my filter. However, the ich on the tetras seem to only get worse, and one tetra has died while 2 others aren't moving around at all...
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    Frustrating/Funny Stories

    Hi, not really sure to put this thread. But isn't it ever so slightly frustrating when people on other forums that aren't dedicated to fishkeeping talk about just letting chlorine evaporate and then adding fish in? Without cycling? Like not even hardy fish, but more sensitive ones. I know I...
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    Help with my Guppy Please

    I noticed this black/brown worm like thing coming out of my guppy. Is this a parasite and how do I treat it? I recently did a water change for my tetras, who are developing ich, and I am wondering if the temperature change caused stress too (I turned on the heater for the ich, but it ended up...
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    How To Feed

    I have 5 red phantom tetras bought yesterday in my tank. They have been swimming around only in the bottom third of the tank. I tried feeding them flakes this morning but they didn't notice it. Parameters are 0/0/5. Temp is 78 F. How should I feed them? And should I turn off the filter when I...
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    How To Safely Decrease Temperature?

    I bought 5 red phantom tetras today and acclimated them. My current temperature of the water is a good 2-3 degrees above their preferred range. A couple of them have been lethargic, whether it's because of the temp or the transport I don't know. How do I decrease the temperature to match their...
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    Weird Stringy Stuff On Side Of Tank

    Hi I just began my fourth week of cycling and spotted this stringy stuff on the wall of my tank and also on my decor. What is this and should I remove it?
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    Black Cob-webby Stuff On Plants

    I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 sword plants and one primrose/ludwigia. They all are melting as it's only been a week with the plants in the tank, which is completely new. Today I found some black cob-web stuff on one of my swords. I also found a few pest snails, most of which I was able to...
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    20 Gallon High Stocking Idea

    I have a 20 gallon high that is almost cycled. I used live plants, amazon sword and ludwigia. I have an Aqueon Quietflow 20 as well as a heater. Ph is about 7.6. My current idea for stocking this tank is 1 honey gourami, 7 cardinal tetra, and 5 panda cory. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Question About My Nitrogen Cycle

    I am currently at the end of my first week of a fishless cycle in my 20 gal high. I use Seachem Prime, Dr. Tim's ammonia, and Tetra SafeStart. Have been testing daily with api master kit. I made sure to shake the Nitrate bottle #2 well. However, when testing today, I got results that confused...

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