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  1. Cori Elizabeth

    26 Gallon Stocking Help

    I’m not sure what stocking to go with. It’s a cube tank, I will have a 1000 lph canister running on it with drift wood and plenty of live plants. Im thinking these two but not sure if it’s too much: 5 female betta 3 mystery snail 6 corydoras 6 ember tetra Or 5 female betta 4 mollies (not...
  2. Cori Elizabeth

    I Made A Huge Mistake And Now Nothing Is Helping

    So for my betta sorority I was getting all my fish from the same seller and they were quarantined before they got to me, so I wasn't quarantining my girls when I got them. Now I made a rookie mistake and I should've quarantined new fish that I got from a different seller but I didn't even think...
  3. Cori Elizabeth

    Quick, Easy, Cheap, Diy Ways To Cover An Intake?

    I usually have a sponge over mine but I'm giving away one of my setups to my little sister when my mum comes around to get the tank, so I need something to cover the intake until I can get a new sponge. I have female bettas so it's important it's covered.
  4. Cori Elizabeth

    Random Death Investigation.

    So this story is a bit of a doozy for me, I have not idea what went wrong. It's my friends tank so I couldn't intervene. Here's the tank: about 4cm of gravel, 10 Litre tank, soft plastic plant, bridge ornament and a 24 litre/per hour filter, 3 red cherry shrimp, one veiltail betta. The tank...
  5. Cori Elizabeth

    My L333 Journal

    I should be getting my new L333's tomorrow They're 3cm long and I ordered 2 of them, these are my first plecos. They'll be going into my betta sorority with my 11 girls. This is where I want to post what's happening with them and updates on how they're all getting along
  6. Cori Elizabeth

    Can I Keep L333's With Female Bettas?

    It seems like they match up through some research. I'll be increasing some flow to that tank in areas that the girls don't use, but otherwise it seems my tank is fit for 2 L333's. Just double checking this is a reasonable idea as theyre on their way.
  7. Cori Elizabeth

    Does Anyone Have Betta Macristoma?

    I'm looking to start a breeding tank with betta macristoma. Just wondering if anyone has them and what their set ups are, where they get them from and any tips and tricks?
  8. Cori Elizabeth

    I Need Lot Of Tannins For A Black Water Biotope For Bettas But Indian Leaves Are'nt Cutting It

    So, I have wood on the way. But I don't think it's a type of wood that releases a lot of tannins. I've been adding Indian almond leaves into the tank for about a month to create leaf litter but it's still only slightly stained (The almond leaves are A+++ grade) I really want to get this water...
  9. Cori Elizabeth

    What's Blackwater?

    I heard that tetras can only spawn in blackwater... But I don't know what blackwater is. By what I've heard it seems to me to be water with lots of tannins or something, am I right or am I way off?
  10. Cori Elizabeth

    Minimum Tank Size For Standard Clown Fish W/ Corals And Inverts?

    Just wondering out of curiosity.
  11. Cori Elizabeth

    What Size Containers Are Ideal For Breeding Setups?

    So far I've been keeping my males in my 12 Litre frosted tubs and the 11 females in a sorority and that's been going pretty well, but I'm looking to get more males and not sure what's the most efficient size for them?
  12. Cori Elizabeth

    Casually Saved Some Fishy Lives Today.

    So I went into a health place for an appointment today and noticed a bowl with 2 goldfish in there, Romeo and Juliet. I told the girl in the front desk: "Are you guys aware that you need a bigger tank for 2 comet gold fish?" and the girl said "I didn't know that but it's a little obvious they...
  13. Cori Elizabeth

    Why Wont They Spawn?!?!

    So here's the details: 12 Litre tub with Almond leaves soaking for a week and some malachite blue, air stone on the side. Added a fresh almond leaf to float. There a granite tunnel and an anubias nana in there for hiding. I put in Cirrus to get to work, took a long time to get him to make a...
  14. Cori Elizabeth

    I Think I Got Misinformed On Breeding Mystery Snails

    I was told by the person who I purchased 5 from that "if there are two in the tank they will breed" meaning they change genders. So even when 4 of the snails died after getting them, and I was left with the one I had previously and a medium sized one from the person, I still believed that it...
  15. Cori Elizabeth

    How Many Butterfly Telescopes For A 40 Gallon?

    How many can I keep? The amount varies a bit from source to source.
  16. Cori Elizabeth

    Show Me Your Vivariums

    I need some inspo for a frog tank I want to do.
  17. Cori Elizabeth

    I've Been Dreaming Of Tanks Again... Share Yours!

    So as usual, I've been brainstorming tank ideas. This time it's a 500 litre tank filled with tannins. Gravel of different sizes and leaf litter for a substrate, a giant piece of dirft wood with lots of branches to swim through. I want the tank to contain a pair of Betta Macrostoma. What are...
  18. Cori Elizabeth

    Why Are Fish-in-cycles Frowned Upon So Much?

    By the time you learn of the nitrogen cycle, you also understand the safe levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, but people still think a fish-in-cycle is too dangerous. If the levels are monitored and the tank is maintained then what can the harm be?
  19. Cori Elizabeth

    Best Camera Settings For Taking Photoes Of Your Fish??

    I'm having a lot of troubles trying to get this phone (Microsoft Lumia) to stop making my pictures look bad. How the camera looks before a picture is taken looks great, but once it's taken my camera puts a weird filter on it. I've fiddled around with the settings, the ISO, brightness, contrast...
  20. Cori Elizabeth

    I Don't Know What To Say About This Tragedy :(

    One of my sisters friends heard I "look after fish" and came to me with one of the saddest stories I've ever heard... This girl pulled out one of those tiny Tupperware containers from her bag (the kind that are about 5cm all round squares) and opened the lid. Inside was a male halfmoon betta...

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