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  1. Annora

    Betta Fins And Scales Not Looking Great

    So... My Betta fish suddenly had a scale that turned into a bump a few weeks back... Last week I noticed some build up on his fin... And just last night I discovered a missing scale on his head... This started after my last water change... I ran out of safe start so I started using Prime... That...
  2. Annora

    Helio's Kingdom

    This is my first fish tank as an adult. It's been up and running about 6.5 months now.... It is a small 5 gallon tank with a heater and filter.... And one spoiled Betta fish.... He has the entire tank to himself.... He has such an awesome personality. Wish I could afford more for him, but for...
  3. Annora

    Introducing Ghost Shrimp With Betta?

    Ok I have a follow up question for this... I have a betta in a 5 gallon... And want to introduce 2-3 ghost shrimp.... What's the best way to do this.... And I'm ok with him eating any babies.
  4. Annora

    Happy Helio?

    Hi y'all. I did a lot of research before getting my Betta fish. Here is Helio's story... We had an unusually cold winter here in southern Alabama. Shipments had stopped on live fish due to freezing weather... So I saw this beautiful orange Betta that was bigger than the other 4 Walmart had at...

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