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    Baby Fish And A Small Community Tank?

    Hello! So, in one of my past threads, I got 6 baby fish that were free because the pet store didn’t know what kind they were, and were only about the size of the tip of a pinkie finger. Within the last month, they have doubled in size, but are still really tiny. They are in a nursery tank that...
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    Help!!! Sick Baby Fish?!?

    Hi, so I had gotten a baby Betta from PetCo towards the end of this August, and while she has grown, she has lost all of her deep blue and red color that she had when I got her. It all started a few weeks ago, when she went from her deep blue and red color to a VERY light orange and purple...
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    What Baby Fish Is This?! Help!!

    Ok, so I have a slight problem. So yesterday as I was at the pet store, (long story short), I ended up accidentally getting six baby fish fry that were almost completely hidden in a tank. This tank wasn’t their tank, and the pet store employees had no clue about what kind of fish they are...
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    New Fish Problem

    Hi, so I have been wanting to start a tank for a while now(I have done this “tank thing” before, but it was years ago.). Anyway I got a 10 gallon tank, and set it all up, and for some reason, the nitrogen cycle never crossed into my mind. So my tank is all set up, but the filter and heater has...
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