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    Help with mbu puffer

    I have had an mbu puffer for about two weeks now the first week he was perfectly fine swimming around eating well second week he is floating on his side at top of aquarium and has bin like that for about a week it looks like a swim bladder problem my water is fine no ammonia nitrite nitrate. I...
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    Arowana losing scales, not swimming upright, Someone help !!!!!

    my arowana scales are coming off and will not swim upright I quarantined and added stress coat and primafix how do I get him swimming right and is there any way to save him other then what I’m currently doing. Water parameters are all mint it is not my first arowana but first time this has happened
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    Albino arowana eaten

    Just thought I’d post a great tragedy I have a red tail cat fish and an albino arowana. The catfish being about 3-5 inches and the arowana about the same came home after work today to find my 350$ albino arowana in the belly of my red tail cat fish. I will say I learned a very valuable lesson...
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