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    55g and shellies & Pulcher!!!!

    Started researching setting up a shell dweller tank, 5 gallon the 10g, then 20 gallon finally got a 55 gallon at the local $ per gallon sale. So after doing some more searching and reading, new stocking plan, need some feed back? Both of these guys are tough. N. pulcher Telmatochromis...
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    155 BF Mbuna stocking List/Mix

    looking for the elusive Mbuna stocking 72" L 155 BF tank Hard scape 75% rock/ 25% sand 1 male / 5 female I would like to add 1 more groups but not sure what would work or how does this group look aulonocara maylandi Cynotilapia Afra Cobue Metriaclima sp. "Msobo"...
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