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  1. Sxusie

    Question Black spot on stomach death

    One of my neon green rasboras died whilst I was away for three days. I thought it might have something to do with the black spot on it’s stomach. Any ideas? Do I need to do anything for the other fish in the tank?
  2. Sxusie

    Question Controlling All Algae With Little Maintenance

    So during my exam period for a couple of months I basically completely abandoned my 20 gallon tank apart from weekly water changes because I simply had no time. But it looked disgusting with so much algae everywhere. And now the person who I live with has told me that if I’m going to keep them...
  3. Sxusie

    Question 19 Gallon Tall Advice

    Ok so I’m a complete beginner for saltwater, I have a freshwater tank that I want to convert to a clownfish reef tank. All the corals I’ve looked at say moderate lighting and I’m not sure what that means exactly. I’m assuming I’ll have to change the lights already fitted to the lid of my...
  4. Sxusie

    10 Gallon Tank Revision Tank

    Can’t see it very well in the photo, I’ve turned my 10 gal shrimp tank into a revision tank! I look at it so often and this will hopefully make the information I write on it go in! Just thought this was cool... not procrastinating
  5. Sxusie

    Question Clean Outs

    I’m doing an above ground one with pond liner or a tub if I can find one the right size. I want to just use an all in one filter, like this it has uv and is 660g per hour
  6. Sxusie

    Question Clean Outs

    I’m still wanting to build a pond and I’m trying to know all I can before I do... I’ve searched all over and I can find an answer. How often are you supposed to clean your pond? Is it like cleaning an aquarium where you do water changes? If it matters my pond is going to be 320g: 7ft by 3 by 2...
  7. Sxusie

    Question Koi Pond Help

    So Now I’m doing some major re thinking on my koi pond that I want to build. Is a pond that is 3 meters by 2 meters and 1.5 meters deep ok for koi? If it is then how many would I be able to keep in it? Thanks!
  8. Sxusie

    Question Koi Pond Help

    I didn’t really think about digging with all the roots. Maybe I should do one of those ponds that’s above the ground... would that work?
  9. Sxusie

    Question Koi Pond Help

    I’ve always wanted koi, and I’ve just reached the point where I am able to build a pond to keep some in But now I’m really struggling to design it I’ve attached a scale photo of the area that I’m working with, the shaded area is a tree that I could take out but would rather not. I was...
  10. Sxusie

    Question Gravel Or No Gravel?

    I haven’t got anything yet, I’m just planning it out as much as I can to make the fish happiest when I do get them. I will hopefully be getting goldfish... should I get big gravel that can’t fit in the fishes mouths or small gravel that passes through?
  11. Sxusie

    Question Gravel Or No Gravel?

    Ok so there is a lot of mixed options about this but I want to know the truth... should I put gravel in my pond? I know it looks nicer but I’d much rather have something that’s better for the fish and that is why I wanted to put it in, so more beneficial bacteria can grow. But then people say...
  12. Sxusie

    Question How Many Goldfish In 300 Gallons?

    So will the goldfish be alright? Or should I avoid them?
  13. Sxusie

    Question How Many Goldfish In 300 Gallons?

    I live in the north of the uk. It gets to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and has got to 20 before but not for at least 5 years so that probably won’t happen again...
  14. Sxusie

    Question How Many Goldfish In 300 Gallons?

    I’ve read all sorts on the Internet but everyone sounds like they don’t really know what there doing... I have a 320 gallon pond, it’s a circle with around 5ft diameter and 3ft at deepest, around 2ft deep everywhere else. I want to have the easiest pond possible as I will be leaving my brother...
  15. Sxusie

    Beginner 3 Gallon

    I have a spare 3 gallon long that I would love to have a go at. I’ve never aquascaped before... does anyone have any suggestions on some really easy plants, or any tips?
  16. Sxusie

    Question Easy Pretty Fish

    My grandma has been called into hospital and now we don’t think she is ever going to get out, she has dementia, she’s deaf, can’t read and a whole load of other things. It’s really sad because she is so bored as she has no form of entertainment apart from tv which she can’t understand. She...
  17. Sxusie

    Question Is This A Fish Eating Fish?

    Will neon blue gourami eat neon green rasbora? (Think there about 0.8 inches) and will they be ok to keep alone? Also the same thing for blue ram cichlids... I’m asking because I have 15 of the rasbora in a 20 gallon and it looks a bit bland as they blend into the green plants. I want to get...
  18. Sxusie

    Question 20 Gallon Centrepiece

    I’ve decided that I want a centrepiece fish to go with my 15 neon green rasbora in my 20 gallon tank. I really like gourami but there too big and have to be in groups i think?... any ideas?
  19. Sxusie

    Question Id Help

    Any ideas on ID of these two fish? (the one that’s not a guppy for the first photo)
  20. Sxusie

    Question Fish To Go With Rasbora In A 20g

    They sound cool, how many would you recommend?

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