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    NEED HELP: I need to move from 26 to 40 gallons

    I need some tips and advice on how to move my salt water tank from 26 gallon to 40 gallons... i have an idea i listed below but is there a faster, easy and safe way to do it? current set us is 25 gallons tank 15 gallons sump 30 lbs of live rock 20 lbs of live sand...
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    Lighting idea... Using HID

    does anyone tried using HID light for their aquarium..... I'm thinking of using a car HID light system for my reef tank.. advantage i can think of using this setup would be, its cheaper around 50 dollars for two bulb (35 watts each), small ballast (compact) can be retro fitted on any...
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    coral (circulating pump question)

    quick question..... I have a 26 gallons saltwater tank with 12 gallons sump filtration system. I have a mixture of soft and hard coral in my display tank.. For those who have the same corals. do you guys leave your circulating pump (not the return pump from the sump) on all the time or do...
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    used skimmer does it need to be broken in?

    I bought a used protein skimmer and I cleaned it up and it’s been running for a day so far (24 hrs). I know protein skimmer needs to be broken in, but since it’s used do I have to wait again? the protein skimmer seem to be working great I see bubble all the way on the top barely touching the...
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    stocking cichlids

    i have many jewel cichlids right now and I'm trying to trade some of them with other cichlid. could i mix my jewel cichlids with electric yellow, electric blue or rusty to add some color in my tank?
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    I think my hermit crab is dead.

    i bought a hermit crab about 5 days ago.. and everything seem fine.. he was eating actively and destroying my rocks.. meaning moving them around. and eat all of my plants... last night he wasn't moving very much.. and this morning i checked he is not moving at all. till now which is already 11...
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    I need stocking suggestion

    hello everyone i have a question... seem like i just finished cycling my tank now i have many copepods and amphipods crawling around my sand bed which is a good sign right? So this is my set up FOWLR 26 gallons display tank 15 gallons sump box that house the protein skimmer, heater (later...
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    live rock, protein skimmer and water test question

    1. lets say my tank is fully cycled with not enough live rocks. if i add more live rocks.. would it cause a mini cycle? (also if i buy my live rocks from the local fish store.. the rocks in the tub with circulating water can i just add that or do i have to do any step b4 adding them in my tank)...
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    low on water... i have a question

    i have a salt water right now being cycle at the moment.... lets just say my water is low... can i add tap water or bottle water .. since everything is close for me to be getting some DI water... i dont wanna let my pump run over night low on water in the sump whats the difference between...
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    i need suggestion for the next step.. cycling

    Hi everyone I have a 26 gallons tank cycling with * About 10 - 15 lbs of live rocks (came from an established salt water tank) * Macroalgea very small * Play sand and live sand half and half 20-30 lbs total (the live sand came from an established salt water tank) * Hang-on filter with...
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    newbie question about hydrometer (red sea)

    Hi everyone.... I have a 26 gallon tank up and running for cycling for 3 days.... I did everything that I’m suppose to (to my knowledge)... now I'm trying to read my hydrometer and its reading low. before i do anything, my question is does it matter how deep you install your hydrometer in the...
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    water parameter

    Where can I get/find the figure(s) or number for ideal saltwater aquarium parameter like pH, ammonia, nitrate, salinity and more I don’t know what I’m missing Ranges (what i found so far) 1.pH...............7.8-8.5 2.Ammonia.......<0.1 ppm Variable (typically <0.1 ppm)...
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    newbie question

    can you use a pool filter sand for salt water tank.... i know you can do use this for fresh water but what about salt water? is it safe?? anything i need to add to make it work..? (edited/addded) My procedure should be....... If this is bad or good let me know your input 1...
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    Wet/dry sump filter problem (megaflow)

    i have a wet and dry sump filter for my 55 gallon aquarium (freshwater) made by megaflow. I been running the sump filter for two weeks now and everything seems fine till last night.. i found out that the filter tray where the white filter media is full of debris that the water flow to the sides...
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    Im new on this forum and i have a question

    first of all i want to say hi to everyone..... im new on this forum so please everyone take it easy on me..... i have several question. I have a 55 gallons tank that i want to change my gravel into sand. 1. im thinking of using either play sand or pool sand (or any other recommendation...

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