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  1. Aqua Hero

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking For A New 5 Gallon Aquascape

    After a LONG 3 year break, i decided to come out of retirement and make a new aquascape. Currently I'm gonna stock: cherry shrimp, nerite snails, amano shrimp. I'm struggling to decide which fish to get. It's either a plakat betta or 5 scarlet badis (2:3 M/F ratio)
  2. Aqua Hero

    Species Only Tank - Scarlet Badis Or Bubblebee Goby

    so after a very VERY long break from the hobby i have decided to come back and start scaping again. this time i want to keep things very simple by just having 1 dominant species of fish in my tank. now i have had scarlet badis before and absolutely loved their size but i was wondering about the...
  3. Aqua Hero

    finding it hard to choose between the two

    i have just recently bought a new 15 gallon tank (50cmx40cmx30cm) and im torn between buying scarlet badis again or trying something new with CPD's now i love scarlets. their color, character and size are what attract me the most but what i found annoying was the fact that they only ate frozen...
  4. Aqua Hero

    Quantity vs Variety

    So today I sold my pygmies because I was feed up with the fact that I would never see them. 15 pygmies and I would rarely see 2 together at the front of the tank. I was thinking of replacing them with corporate hasborus since people say they are more active and outgoing. But after watching how...
  5. Aqua Hero

    Do plants such as amazon swords and crypts really NEED root tabs?

    Now I know alot of people who buy these plants and plant them in sand/gravel think they need to add root tabs to the substrate in order for them to grow. But is that really true. Do you need root tabs for 'heavy root feeders ' to grow. I came upon an interesting video on youtube that proves...
  6. Aqua Hero

    Pygmy cory issue

    A long long while back i use to have a huge school of pygmy cories that would always swim around the tank and were quite bold. normally swimming in teams of 3-4 all around the tank. then the number decreased and i hadnt seen them so often. Later on i added a circulation pump and started my...
  7. Aqua Hero

    Little Red: 2016 rescape

    So I did a post about my tank a while backed last year when it was called Eden Gate. Though at the beginning of the 2016 I started planning out how to rescape it to make it look better. Before the rescape my tank was in quite a bad condition. There was staghorn algae all over the mosses, my...
  8. Aqua Hero

    If I were to get Clown Killifish...

    If I were to have these fish in my tank, can I keep them as a pair or do I have to keep lots of them? Note: I'm not interested in breeding them
  9. Aqua Hero

    Ember tetra loom really big or is it just me lol

    So I bought ember tetras since my green neons I Ordered came with white spot and died (got my refund though). I know alot if people say they are tiny and can be in 5 gal etc. But for some weird reason they look really big and round in my tank from a distance. But when I look closer they appear...
  10. Aqua Hero

    Whiteworm vs Mircoworm

    So I have some scarlet badis, green neon tetra and pygmy cories. I wanted to know which would be better to culture and feed these guys. I here Mircoworms are easier but you have to replace the oats every week. Though with whiteworms you can change out the soil every month. The issue here is...
  11. Aqua Hero

    What do you think about this stocking

    So I rescpaee my tank a bit and thought I might as well update the stocking. Unfortunately, because the water flow in my tank has increased significantly, I have to give away my betta. I hate seeing him struggle so hard ane get stressed. I can't turn down the flow because I have pressurised...
  12. Aqua Hero

    Hydor Koralia nano noise

    Okay i have a freshwater nit saltwater tank but I was wondering if any if you guys know how to fix this horrible clattering sound from the pump. It started of silent and now it's so noisy. Sent from my D2303 using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum mobile app
  13. Aqua Hero

    I have made a big mistake

    So I was rescaping mytankand when I finished I added the betta back into the tank. Instead of getting my net to scope him up I decided to gently hold him in the palm of my hand and put him in. I had done this with my old bettas with no problems. But this time, his left pectoral fin isn't moving...
  14. Aqua Hero

    Hydor Koralia pump

    I will be getting a pressurised c02 , but this will require more flow which my filter can't supply. So I wanted to know which model my aquarium would need to get a decent flow around my tank. Dimensions 60cm width x 58 cm height x 41 cm depth. Sent from my D2303 using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish...
  15. Aqua Hero

    Micro rasbora aren't eating frozen daphnia

    So I have strawberry rasbora and exclamation mark rasbora and they eat all frozen food except the daphnia. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is? Sent from my D2303 using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum mobile app
  16. Aqua Hero

    Tragedy has hit my tank

    No its not a crazy algae break out or melt. Unfortunately my prized black orchid crowntail betta has died . I was being lazy with the tank and neglected it. Then one day I saw that my betta had this weird white patch on his body. It was small and bettas behaviour didn't change so I thought it...
  17. Aqua Hero

    just a theory

    so alot of people use fish food, liquid ammonia or fish to cycle their tanks but do you really need to that. we all know that tap water contains chlorine and chloramine which is bad. if we were going to cycle a new 10 gallon tank you would need to pour 10 gallons of tap water. im pretty sure...
  18. Aqua Hero

    Which nano rasboras should i get?

    i have enough money to buy 6 nano rasbora but i dont know which on to choose from. i already have 12 strawberry but i wanted to add another species just to add variety.
  19. Aqua Hero

    Are betta fish really aggressive or im i just lucky

    so i just recently bought a new crowntail betta and i put him in a tank with cherry shrimp, otos and pygmy cories. everyone would normally say that your betta will kill all you shrimp terrorize your fish and Apocalypse etc. but after a day he hasnt chased, attacked or shown any interest in any...
  20. Aqua Hero

    New Aquascape project: Edens Gate coming soon

    i am working on a new aquascape which will be souley based on bonsai trees. eg this should be interesting and fun.

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