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    How Do You View Fishlore?

    I started watching Fishlore posts on my iPhone ...then switched to my desktop Mac and the quality of some of the images and video clips was astounding. Finally, this morning I managed to set up my browser on my 4K Smart TV! How many people view this forum on their phones vs Desktop &...
  2. Aquatilibus

    Question To Mist...or Not To Mist Back Of Tank?

    I've just misted the back of my GBR tank....not sure if it's an improvement, although it does help with my neighbours' privacy.....what do you think? Unmisted: Misted:
  3. Aquatilibus

    Oh Dear!...i'm Sorry

    I just heard a shriek from my wife, she was doing her eyelashes with her little make up brush....but I'd forgotten to tell her I'd just used the brush to cultivate my latest batch of micro-worms and hadn't rinsed it afterwards. Has anybody else used non-aquatic objects like this?
  4. Aquatilibus

    It's That Time Again

    It’s that time again, my baby GBR’s are 3 months old and about to go to new homes. Usually I sell all the youngsters to dealers and within 2-3 weeks the adults remaining in the tank get back into breeding condition and the whole cycle repeats itself. I estimate that my little 15 gallon tank has...
  5. Aquatilibus

    Kessil Or Radion For 80 Gallon Discus Tank?

    I'll be starting a new project 80 gallon Discus tank. I'm having difficulty choosing between Kessil and Radion lighting. Does anybody here have any experiences, good or bad, with either brand?
  6. Aquatilibus

    Twinstar M5

    Has anybody used the Twister M5 Aerator/steriliser? I rarely discuss the virtues of new products but since installing this in one of my ADA60P's I've been blown away by what its done. Initially the purpose of getting it was to cut down on algae and increase oxygen levels in the tank. But it has...
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    Breeding German Blue Rams

    Was one heck of a racket coming from my Ram tank....imagine getting this lot ready for school.
  8. Aquatilibus

    Hi Everybody

    My name is Dave, I'm from Cambridge in the UK and pleased to meet you all. I've been a keen aquarist for almost 50 years and have bred Discus, Angelfish, Bristlenoses, Green Chromis and Seabae Clownfish amongst others. I've been specialising in German Blue Rams for the past 5 years and look...

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