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    Are These Guppies Preganant? Plz Help!

    Any of them pregnant? The are ratioed at 1:3 male female I ve seen belly blown them flat I thought it was just too much food I could be wrong so I bought this divider to see if any small fishes pop up. From the pictures can you guys tell any fishes are pregnant? Thx a ton ahead! Cheers!
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    Can German Blue Acara And Angels Be Scared Of Rosey Barbs?

    Hey all first of all thx for helping to pick the barbs, wanted a schooling type of fish that’s colourful and active, they are nothing but that! I enjoy them very much. I ve noticed no aggression between any fishes but they barbs take up most up the space in the tank and then acara used to roam...
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    Good Schooling Fish For A Angel And Ram Themed Tank?

    Hey there all, new to forum first post! so tank is 90 gal Running one U3 one U4 and an additional canister and checks water perimeters twice a week in all my tank. I ve started this cichlids themed tank, I enjoy peaceful fishes but also love cichlids so went with angel and a fam. Added some...

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