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    plant id

    Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?Sorry about the blurry photo.
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    anubias clone

    Happy new year everyone!!! I have two anubias plants in my tank which have recently flowered.What is the best method of cutting a piece off of one of the plants and starting new growth elsewhere in the tank?
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    removing old photos

    Hey all how do i remove old photos from my photo gallery?
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    Hello everyone!I have not posted in a very long time,just been very busy. First off,my water parameters are 0,0,10 with a ph of around 7.8.My tank is 20 gallons,and i do a 5gallon water change once a week.You can view my profile to see my live stock.I am posting my question in the plant...
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    ph climb

    Hey everyone,Havn't posted in a while.(been pretty busy).I have a question.My water readings are 0 0 10 8.2. They used to be 0 0 25-35 7.8. I have been doing twice a week water changes of 5 gallons at a time.I started doing this to try and reduce both algea and nitrates.So far it has been...
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    plant nutrients

    Happy sunday everyone!I know i have asked this question before but i am trying to find the correct nutrient balance for my plants.I am dosing 2ml of excel daily and 2 ml of comprehensive every three days.I was doing a gravel vac once a week and doing a 25% water change twice a week.Im thinking...
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    gourami question

    I have a dwarf gourami with great color and acting normal except his stomach is fatter and his breathing looks more frequent.My fish are fed once daily and the other dwarf gourami doesnt seem as fat and is breathing less frequent,what can be the matter.I know my tank is overstocked but i am...
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    compressed co2

    I do commercial plumbing for a living and i have bottles of regulated c02 on hand,in which i use for air testing.My question is could i shoot small amounts from the tank into my fish tank manually to promote plant growth.Remember liquid co2 comes out of the tank very cold.
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    algea Id

    Is this pic good enoughnfor a positive algea id?
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    not sure what to believe

    Ive googled and researched and am not sure what to believe.No co2,more co2,less plant nutrients, more plant nutrients,no plant nutrients.All the articles on algea control in a planted tank tell me something different.Maybe its just trial and error.Whats the truth?Oh and dont forget more light...
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    Happy sunday everyone!I am starting to notice greenish black furry algea on some of my plants.I fertilize with flourish excel and flourish comp.MY lights are on probably 10 hours or more a day.Is this normal,abnormal,good bad,or what?I think it looks cool!
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    slowly dimming lights

    Has anyone ever tried to wire in an inline dimming switch so when its lights out the effect on the fish is not so drammatic?Not sure if this can be done with non incandesent flourecents.Any input on this subject?
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    schooling neons

    For the most part my 5 neons hang out together and never part, but once and a while they spread out,is this normal behavior?Perhaps a stupid question.
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    plant food tabs

    I just recently purchased plant food tabs 0-0-6 plus iron by Jungle on clearance at Petco.Has anyone used this product,and if so can i use it with flourish excel and comprehensive?I dose with both products on a regular basis and would also like to add the tabs.Nutter i think you might have...
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    gravel vac

    when i do a gravel vac i show a .25 ammonia reading for a few hours and then the next day its fine.Does anyone else have this problem?Mind you i do nothing to the filter.
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    ac sponge replacement

    Hey gang!I would like to replace the sponge in my ac 50,so i am currently running 2 sponges,filter floss and bio chips(no carbon).How long should i run both sponges before i can throw the old one out?
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    flourish use with carbon in filter

    Quick question.I use flourish excel and comprehensive on my plants.I also run activated carbon in my filter.Does the carbon soak up these products?Nutter you probablly know the answer to this question.
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    api test kit nitrate confusion

    Hey gang just tested my water and got 7.8 ph ammonia 0 nitrites 0 and im not sure for nitrates. It could have been 20,40 or 80 not sure has anybody else had this problem.Maybe im color blind or is there a trick to getting this test accurate?
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    how often to rinse media

    Hi everyone.Quick question.How often should filter media be rinsed and should it be rinsed at the same time as a gravel vac.I rinsed my media during my 25% weekly water change along with a semi gravel vac and now im testing .25 ammonia 0 nitrites and lower nitrates at 10.Yesterday was 0 0 20.
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    dead pleco

    Hi everyone.Wasnt sure what area of the forum this question should go in.So here it is.I recently found homes for a couple of my fish because my tank was to overstocked.Especially when my wags started having babies and at least 4 of them survived!I recently purchased a baby pleco 2 days...

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