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  1. Je55*e

    Help Betta May Be Sick But Water Is Good... Red Fins? Help?

    Hello, all. In short, I did a water test a half hour ago and everything looks good. Ammonia and nitrite are 0ppm. Nitrate is 10ppm, which it's been for weeks. I change about 25% of the water every week. Today I noticed Momoa (betta) hanging out on the bottom of the tank, which is unusual, and I...
  2. Je55*e

    Fish, Free To Great Home In New York Or Surrounding Areas

    A neighbor of mine has fallen ill and is having trouble caring for his beloved fish. He's had them all for a long time and just wants them to go to a good, caring, responsible home. They will come with their tanks and filters, heaters, gravel, etc. Here's details: 50 gallon with Colombian cat...
  3. Je55*e

    Want To Sell Selling a 12G plus accessories and a 20G plus accessories

    Hello! I have two tanks in perfect condition for sale: 1) 12G divided tank. Was formerly a home for two Bettas (one on each side). The divider in the middle of the tank can be easily removed. Filter, heater and thermometer included. Ornaments, fish food, water testing/treating supplies and...
  4. Je55*e

    Help Sort of an ethics question:

    I had a small school of Hatchets and only have one left now (over the years, the others have passed on). He's all alone in a 20g long and although he eats and swims about I feel badly for him being all by himself. He is one of the first Hatchets I got and is at least 3-4 years old. I have a...
  5. Je55*e

    Want To Sell Coralife 24" Aquarium Lamp

    I'm selling a 24" Coralife brand aquarium lamp fixture. There is a 65 Watt bulb included (mostly to show the buyer what the replacement lamp should look like) but it is non-working. The fixture is in perfect working order and I am only selling it because I cannot afford a new bulb right now and...
  6. Je55*e

    Help HELP! Sick Flamingo Honey Gourami

    I got home about twenty minutes ago, saw my Flamingo Honey Gourami laying on the tank floor, breathing a bit heavily but not very heavily. I tested the water immediately, which is Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate looks close to 0, which is surprising and not good. Tank is 20g fw planted...
  7. Je55*e

    Help I have a leak!

    ---I hope this is the right place to put this thread... if not, feel free to move it, mods.--- My divided 16g Betta tank has a leak on Mickey's side. =/ And, horribly, it appears to be on the bottom corner of the tank. It's so tiny right now that only drops of water come out, and don't...
  8. Je55*e

    Opinions, please?

    I am wanting to change my co2 system. I have the Red Sea bio generator (), and I'm not always happy with it. Which of these two products seems better? (Check my info., but I have a 20g long planted tank with eco-complete substrate and high lighting.)
  9. Je55*e

    Help nitrite spike after moving fish

    I just moved to my first apartment, and today I tried to move my fish into the new place. I have 4 Hatchets, 1 Striped Kuhli Loach (going to get 2 or 3 more when things settle down, and add them after QT time), and 1 Flamingo Gourami. Tank is 20g, well established with great readings (always...
  10. Je55*e

    filter and heater for divided 16g?

    A couple more questions about this tank, since it is 16 gallons. I've divided it in half for two Bettas to occupy, and now I'm looking for the proper heater and filter for it. Seems hard to find ones for this size. I already got a Whisper in-tank 20 gallon filter (in-tank is the best for Bettas...
  11. Je55*e

    Help tank dimensions question

    I got a free tank that is 12.5 inches high, and 24 by 12.5 inches wide. How many gallons is this?
  12. Je55*e

    snails can carry a parasite?

    I have a pretty big snail overpopulation in my tank, and I was just told by another member (and have heard this before) that snails can carry a parasite that is harmful to fish. Just this morning, another of my striped kuhli loaches died. ;_; She was gasping for breath and... what is the...
  13. Je55*e

    Please help! Fish dying =(

    Several months ago, I had 3 Otos die in short succession, from what a type of body fungus. The first died in the tank before I was able to notice it, and the other two were quarantined and passed in the QT tank. All was well for another few months until, suddenly, one of my dear Silver...
  14. Je55*e

    can female Bettas make bubble nests?

    Because Matilda just did earlier today, and no one else is in the tank but her. O_O
  15. Je55*e

    Help questions about Co2 and iron test results

    I got the Red Sea plant lab for Christmas, and just used it now. I hope I interpreted the results correctly. For Co2, I got 2 (1 drop made it the 'end color', and it told me to times that by two), and for iron, I got 0. To put more perspective in this, my tank stats are: 20g fw community with...
  16. Je55*e

    Help with maracyn

    The other day I noticed my Otocinclus had a small whitish, puffy spot on his side. I think it is a fungus (columnaris). Pictures (sorry for the quality--I only have my cell phone to take pictures): Earlier tonight, I set up a 3g with heater, filter, air stone and no gravel to put...
  17. Je55*e

    Help What is the best treatment for fungus on an Oto?

    The other day I noticed he had a small whitish spot on his lower body. It looked like he had maybe swum too fast past an ornament and scraped his scales. Today, it looks worse and puffy. I think it is a fungus. What do you think is the best medication to treat fungus for an Oto? Pictures...
  18. Je55*e

    Help Co2 Generator issues

    I have a semi-DIY system set up. I am using the venturi pump and the canister that came with this set: but I had to get new Co2 tubing (it's special for Co2 use) because the cat chewed up the old one. ><; I have a gatorade bottle between the canister and the pump; I drilled two small holes in...
  19. Je55*e

    Matilda, before and after

    So, I rescued a female Betta from Petco! Everyone was, of course, in dirty, little cups. Very depressing, and of course we wanted to take them all home, but this girl caught my and my sister's eyes, so we picked her to take home and named her Matilda. Here's Matilda in her cup: The...
  20. Je55*e

    Wanting to Adopt a Female Betta

    I recently updated a thread about my Betta, Mickey, being moved to a 6g, and now his 3g is empty (but still has his old filter cartridge and the filter is running). I wanted to adopt a female and put her in there. I've always been a rescuer, but I also know that giving money to places like...

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