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  1. ROFEA

    Low Budget Way to Clean Cherry Shrimp Poops ?

    I like this] It is 3x as much as the betta basters sold at fish stores but I feel like those blue bulbs break easier. I like airline tubing if I clean the whole...
  2. ROFEA

    Leach/Worm on Shrimp Head between eyes

    I get a random scutellaria from time to time. I usually look through the rest to see if there are others and treat individually. Somehow its only a couple and never spreads to infestation levels. Does anyone feel like the shrimp with scutellaria is often a bit more active like maybe they're...
  3. ROFEA

    15 Gallon Tank No substrate plants

    I have a large ceramic bowl outdoors with fish (I have two planted shrimp tanks inside). Since fish poop more I would like to remove the substrate so I can clean it more thoroughly. The plants have been doing a great filtering job for the past year so I definitely need plants. Are there plants...
  4. ROFEA

    New plants killed shrimp?

    They may have been in a tank treated with copper (deadly to shrimp but beneficial to some fish ailments)
  5. ROFEA

    Glass algae

    I guess the joke is on me, I was sure they just picked through it and I don't even remember where I read that either. I did research them when I got them in 2019 but they seemed so self sustaining I didn't keep up with information.
  6. ROFEA

    Glass algae

    This is so strange. I swear the only thing I had done so far is complain here but it looks much clearer today. I had not cleaned it because I need a new razor blade because the old one is rusted. Do shrimp eat the algae? I was under the impression they eat microscopic stuff that is inside the algae.
  7. ROFEA

    Glass algae

    That is what I am wondering about. I want it to look nice and be viewable. Right now I need to look through the top to get a good view and its at my kids school desk and was meant to be a pretty distraction but I was worried about making it unappealing to the shrimp. I will try for a ramshorn...
  8. ROFEA

    Glass algae

    I've had this (probably 4gallon) filterless tank for a year and a half and for most of the time I clean the front and sides but the past months I've let the glass get covered. Should I leave it green? The shrimp like that right? I have another 10g tank with a filter that I clean the glass more...
  9. ROFEA

    How many shrimp to start a colony?

    Where are you? I have ordered online from well known sites and had so-so luck with shrimp health. I think the mailing trip was a bit stressful. I have also found some locally on Craigslist and at lfs that were very hearty. 15 is plenty to start a colony but what is the size of the aquarium?
  10. ROFEA

    Cherry Shrimp Tank pH at 8.2

    I cannot see well enough, is the substrate like the shrimp stratum pellets or is it gravel?
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