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    Auratus dosent eat

    Hi, i have an aurtus in 150L tank alone with filteration and WC 30% once a week. water P are 0,0,10 2 days ago he stopped eating. there wasent any change made in the tank and the only other symptoms im aeeing is that he is breathing fast and "puffing" his gills more the usual while breating. I...
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    Pleco With A Bad Poop

    Hi i have a pleco thqt is having a bad poop for a few weeks. its brown but long and stringy and has a weired a shape. Hes eating and looking good. You think i should try using meds? what do you suggest?
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    betta With A White Spot

    Hi yesterday ive noticed a white spot appeared on a betta ive rescued 2 weeks ago . It dosent seems buldging, and its kinda like a V shaped white scratch. The thing is theres nothing in the tank to scratch him so its kinda weired. its really hard to see but here are some pics, ant ideas what is...
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    Sick Goldfish

    Hi. ive rescued a goldfish about a week ago. he was very skinny and had a few patches with no scales and redness on his tail and the base of his hand fins He wasent lethargic and ate and pooped well in the past week. yesterday ive noticed him flashing a few time and today he became super...
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    Pangaisus Weired Swimming Neuro?

    Hi, ive rescued him today.. He has this weired swimming sometimes even flipping on his back. the guy i took from said he had him for 6 mounths and hes been always like this, and hes saying his eating and growing..Did anyone here seen anything like this? do you think its a disease? a birth...
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    Pleco And Epsom Sat

    Hi i have a pleco that has white poo for a very long time.. tried a few meds like prazi levamisole and metro and non of them worked. i have good exp with treated with epsom salt solution soaked to the food with other fish, but i know pleco are more problomatic with saltso i wanted to ask if you...
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    Parotfish Losing Color

    Hi. Her color started to change yesterday and becoming more and more pale, today shes like this.. She is active and has appetite. She is in a 450L tank with 3 small iridiscent sharks, 3500L/H filteration ,weekly 30% wc. Parameters are 0,0,10. wter temp is 28. she has her corner with a jar gravel...
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    Fantail Goldfish Seems Lethargic

    Hi ,ive rescued him 2 weeks ago and he is currently in quarantine of 60L with filter and oxigen. parameters are 0,0,10. During all this time he was happy and active but during the last 2 das he seems lethargic , spending alot of time on the bottom or just floating in the middle of the tank. He...
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    Blood Parrot Spitting - Update:now Not Eating At All!

    Hi, ive rescued a blood parrot fish about 10 days ago and shes in 450L tank. 2-3 days after ive rescued her i saw she is flashing so i started treatment with prazipro. the flashing has stopped, but yesterday she started to spit her food and not swallowing at all , even very small pieces. the...
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    Auratus Color Change

    Hi, i have an auratus and a socolofi in a 200L tank. theyv been there for 5 mounths and they are 2 years old. in the last few seeks the aurotus changed his color from yellow to almost white. Im afriad that this change is due to some kind of problem or disease.. they fighting often but not...
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    Redness No Appetite

    Sorry for the bad photos. Ive rescued him 3 days ago and he isnt eating since then. He is not very active and he has a pale redness near his tail and along his body. I suspect that he has some kind of internal infection. Ive had another iridiscent shark that showed the same symptoms and after...
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    Very Sick Goldfish Rescue

    rescued him today his backfin seems clamped all the time he breath rapidly , he has a cotton like hairs near his analfin and he has a red dot on one of his gill cap. hes very thin and dosent want to eat. ive started to treat with kanaplex and thinking about adding prazi, im also think about...
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    Fancy Goldfish + Natural Goldfish?

    Hi, Iv rescued a fancy goldfish from bad conditions and im wondering if i can add him to our goldfish tank. The tank is 450L with 10 small "natural"goldfish. I once heared that because fancy goldfish are very slow swimmer they wont be able to get any food if theyll be in a tank with goldfish...
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    Sick Guppy Weired Behavior

    Hi, i have a 70L tank with 10 guppies and 1 pleco, external filter 600 l/h water temp 26C water parameters are 0,0,7. WC every week 25%. 18 days ago one of the guppies became bloated. i moved him to quarantee and try to treat with Furanol with no success.His bloating was uneven, one side more...
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    Goldfish Help

    Hi ive rescued 3 goldfish 10 days ago from a neglected of them was bigger and healthy,eating and well behaving so after a few days ive moved him to a pond. the other 2 are weak and arent eatingone of them trying to eat but spitt it immidietly and the other dosent show any interest. ive...
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    Scalofi Spitting His Food

    Hi , I have a 100L tank with one scalofi{mbuna} whom i rescued a week ago from a very neglected tank. since ive rescued him ive noticed that he is flashing and about 3 days ago he started to spit his food. I dont think that he is swolloing any. Hes in a temp tank with a few plastic plants and a...
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    Levamisole Hcl Weird Smell

    Hi , Has anyone noticed a weried smell when he is mixing the levamisole with water? i have levamisole that ive used a few times befor, but today when i mixed it with water befor putting it the tank it started to smell really weired ,kinda like the smell cooking gas has. I did it a few times with...
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    Severe Pop Eye

    Hi, Ive rescued 3 goldfish 2 days ago,they were in a very neglected of about 70L. One of them is much bigger then the others and hes sems healthy,hes active and eating,the only thing he has is a small growth on his lip. The other 2 arent look so well,they both smaller and both of them when they...
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    Help Sick Guppies

    Hi i have a 80L tank with 9 guppies and a small pleco{ temporary} abot four mounths ago one of the big guppys started to bloat and 2 days later one of the other smaller guppies passed. I treatedthe tank with Furanol antibiotic with no effect and the bloated one died a few days after. 10 days ago...
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    Iridiscent Shark Chasing

    Hi, this behavior started this week , the big one is chasing the little one. they live together for almost a year and thats the first time thats happened. its happening a few times a day. Do you know what is this? Is it a game? attack? Mating behavior? thank you

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