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  1. avaladon

    Betta Bloated And Sitting On Tank Bottom - Help

    Hello, So I have a boy betta who I got in July last year, so im guessing he is probably almost 2 years old now since he wasnt a baby when I got him. I am a college student and I moved into college on the 4th of September. During this time my mom has been caring for him while I was setting...
  2. avaladon

    Fish Yawning?

    So my betta seems to yawn sometimes, does anyone know why? Is he just tired? is he stressed (dogs sometimes yawn when stressed)? is it something else? Im not sure if I should be concerned or not
  3. avaladon

    White Fuzz On Plant?

    So I recently got and its been growing fine, but recently I noticed this white fuzz on the plant. Anyone know what it is?
  4. avaladon

    Indian Almond Leaves - Allergies?

    So I have a nut allergy (though Ive never had a reaction, I ate nuts until 6th grade then got an allergy test and it said I was allergic to nuts, so I stopped eating them at that point - my dad has a very bad nut allergy though) I wanted to get these leaves for my betta since Ive heard they...
  5. avaladon

    Fish Swimming Sporadically?

    Hi! So I am a college student, and when winter break ended I left my Betta fish with my mom for about two weeks so I could set his tank up in my dorm. Yesterday I came home for the weekend with plans to bring my fish back to school with me on Sunday. When I got home the tank was pretty messy...
  6. avaladon

    Tank Wont Be Cycled In Time

    Hello! I am currently a college student. Over winter break I brought my betta fish home with me. At the end of winter break, I decided to leave him at home for about 2 weeks with my mom so I could get my other tank set up for him at school. I had some filter media from his tank at home and I was...
  7. avaladon

    Detritus Worms And Hydra In Tank

    So a few weeks ago i discovered (what i believe are) detritus worms and have been informed they are more or less harmless, though i really dont want them in the tank, they keep sticking to the glass. Today i also think i discovered some hydras in my tank, which i really know nothing about...
  8. avaladon

    Worm In Tank???

    So today while I was doing my weekly water change in my betta's five gallon tank I noticed something weird. I saw what looked like an extremely thin white hair, and at first thats what I thought it was. It was maybe half an inch to an inch (not totally sure) and it was wiggling very quickly on...
  9. avaladon

    Important Winter Break Question!

    Hello! This is going to be a kinda long post with multiple parts so please bear with me! Thanks in advance! So, this is going to have to do with winter break. I am currently a college student. I have had my betta fish since early July. He was in my tank at home (five gallons, filter, heater)...
  10. avaladon

    Labeling Cords!

    I just thought i would make a post stating if you have multiple wires and cords all plugged in near each other, label them. I just made a dumb mistake. My tank thermometer was showing it was getting pretty warm, so I thought I would unplug the heater while I was at class so it could cool down a...
  11. avaladon

    Kinda A Strange Question...

    Im currently in college and have my betta here with me. We have routine fire drills in the dorms a few times a year, and I am curious, would the fire alarm scare my fish? Like, should this worry me at all? Anything I can do to possibly prepare something that would help him feel safer if I know...
  12. avaladon

    What Is This On My Amazon Sword?

    Hello! I am pretty new to the aquarium hobby, and VERY new to aquatic plants I have been noticing this white dusty/string stuff on my amazon sword leaves and stem. Its been there for a long time and really hasnt gone away. I try and wipe it off when doing water changes but its really easy to...
  13. avaladon

    Worried About Bettas Fins

    First I would like to preface and say I am aware he has a tiny bit of fin rot, and im working on it. The top of his fin has been looking a bit strange, I just noticed it today. A little bit of it is brown at the tip, and looks burnt. Do you thing the heater burnt him? Its usually around 78...
  14. avaladon

    Worried About Betta's Fins

    Hello! So recently I moved my betta from my tank at home to my tank at school. At home my mom was thankfully able to take minimal care of the fish. Small water changes, feedings, and small spot cleanings. When I got home to see him the tank was pretty messy and he wasnt looking the best ever. I...
  15. avaladon

    College Betta Owner!

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on here and I have some questions! Over the summer I got a betta, not my first betta BUT the first that I know how to actually care for. He is in a five gallon tank with a filter and heater. I started my sophomore year of college last week on...

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