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  1. Giul

    Unknown Plant On Sale

    Hello everyone! My LFS got in a cool new plant, but as usual, the employee couldn’t tell me much about it besides it needs high light and iron, but does not need CO2. He couldn’t tell me the name of the plant but it was only $5 so I took it anyways. He’s not the most reliable employee so could...
  2. Giul

    29 Gallon Tank Schooling Fish Suggestions

    Hello everyone! So my dad has decided to set up a 29 gallon tank in our living room. It will be heavily planted and I already have extra filter media to help the cycle. I know that my water is hard so my only question is about stocking. He loves neon tetras and may do a huge school of neons...
  3. Giul

    Funny Pregnant Platy

    Can someone please tell my mother to stop breeding platies? This female is on batch #3 and I’m sure her petco knows her as the crazy platy lady since that’s where she takes her juveniles. Have you guys ever seen a fish this big? She’s crazy for thinking that the world needs more platties, she’s...
  4. Giul

    Flip Aquatics- Cherry Shrimp

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with my recent order from Flip Aquatics. I received my order last night but another memeber suggested that I should wait longer to give a review so I’ll update my review in a day or two.
  5. Giul

    Mama Plex?

    My Uncle came home with two “mama plex” when he went in for a bristlenose... what did he buy?
  6. Giul

    Help New Algae In Tank

    Hello everyone, I recently removed a large amount of plants from my 10 gallon to put them into another tank. However, ever since then I’ve had what appears to be Black Beard Algae. How do I get rid of it? I do have Excel and in the past I have tried a 10 second Excel/Hydrogen Periozide dip to...
  7. Giul

    Aquarium Hobby Popularity

    Well, another family member has gotten sucked into the hobby! After seeing me, my Mom, and my sister with fun tanks my Uncle got his first tank- and a 55 gallon at that! I had cycled media that I gave to him but apparently my dad and brother both have empty 55s so time to get some more cycled...
  8. Giul

    Rotala Advice

    Hello, my LFS has this “needle leaf” version of Rotala (sorry, I instantly forgot the scientific name). Has anyone grown it? The shop said under high light the tips will grow red so I’m tempted to try it. It’s only $5 and I’m thinking of adding it to my 10 gallon shrimp tank
  9. Giul

    Hitchhiker Shrimp Id

    Hello, recently I purchased some cherry shrimp and I acquired a hitchhiker. This guy has been growing out in my shrimp tank for several weeks, but I’m not sure what type of shrimp he is. The tank I purchased my cherry shrimp from container Amano, Ghost, and Cherries. I assume he is a cherry as...
  10. Giul

    Question Serpae Tetra Feeding

    Hello! Yesterday I purchase a group of Red Minor Serpae tetras for my tank and when I fed them today I noticed that they turned paler in color while eating. They’re regaining their color now that their food is gone but is this normal? One out of the six retained his color so I’m assuming he’s...
  11. Giul

    Plant Id- Green And Purple Plant

    I recently purchased this plant and forgot the name as soon as I walked out the door. Does anyone recognize it? The associate warned me that they may loose the purple depending on the nutrients in my water so any advice on how to keep the purple?
  12. Giul

    Help Betta Fin Rot

    Hello everyone! I’ve been keeping my Betta in a 10 gallon for a few months now and all had been well. However, the city has been working on my water lines and I found 0.5ppm ammonia in my tank through my “new” source water. I instantly switched to filtered RO water (about two weeks ago) but now...
  13. Giul

    Question What Kind Of Fry Is This?

    Recently I made a fish purchase and I picked up a hitchhiker. I’ve kept this fry for about 2 weeks now but I have no idea what it is. There were a variety of tetras in the tanks I purchased from but none looked like this. Any ideas on what it could be? I don’t mind waiting a few more weeks to ID...
  14. Giul

    Dwarf Baby Tears

    I recently purchased some DBT from my LSF along with some extra fine planting substrate. However my cories are EXTRA intrigued by the new plant and keep uprooting them. If fish could look guilty then my cories do— especially since I’ve seen them shift through the soil so much that the DBTs float...
  15. Giul

    0.5 Gallon Stocking

    Sorry for the long read but I thank you for your help ahead of time. My younger sister has an assignment for her AP Enviornmental Earth Science class where she has to get a clear 2 liter container so that they can keep a fish in it. They’re going to have a competition to see who can keep the...
  16. Giul

    Honey Gourami Tank Behavior

    I’ve been researching Honey Gouramis online and my pet store does keep them but I wanted to hear more about them before I decide to buy a pair. I currently have a 20g high tank that’s moderately planted with Otos and Danios. However, I’m unsure if the gouramis would be happy with the danios...
  17. Giul

    Please Help Diagnose My Fish

    I recently purchased a second Angel Ram and saw that it had a thick white patch on it’s fin. I was told it was a fungus so I started treatment but two days later I had an Ich outbreak. Does my Ram really have fungus? I attached a picture of both Rams, one with ich and one with I assume is a...

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