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  1. Mondo


    My darling, crazy black lab
  2. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    She didn't make it. Are there any precautions I should take to ensure that my male remains healthy? I think I'll move him to my 75g at some point, but am I right in believing that he should be alone for a few weeks?
  3. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    She is not still eating. I have noticed no poop, but the symptoms you described sound fairly similar to what she has been doing. tunastrack- the last thing I put in that tank from an outside source was a madagascar apongenton bulb, and that was early April. Other than that, everything has come...
  4. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    Her breathing is rather slow, and she has been resting on her side a lot. I could move my male to another tank, but I'm not sure how he would react to the 3 other angels in there (who are all males). I'll try to raise the water temperature and I'll change the water. I believe the last thing I...
  5. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    I've had her for about a year and a half, so she isn't too old. I'll try feeding them thawed brine shrimp this morning, and hope my male doesn't eat them all.
  6. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    Horsin- yes, she has eaten lately, although come to think of it, she has not eaten as rigorously as she used to. Parameters: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm She has been swimming intermittently, often returning to rest on the bottom of the tank. The male picks on her a little, but...
  7. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    I have not noticed any other symptoms, although I have been out of the house all day. I haven't checked the water tonight, and may not, as it's late and I'm exhausted. However, my male angel is in the tank and is experiencing no complications. The tank has been at a stead 75 degrees for the last...
  8. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    Pictures were too large to upload directly to fishlore, so here they are on tinypic;
  9. nippybetta

    Sick Angelfish

    My darling marble angel, who is paired up with my big black male, has been acting odd lately. It may have started when I was away for 4 days and my fish received no care last weekend. Anyway, she has been acting very subdued, and only swims with her pectoral fins; the rest of her body doesn't...
  10. nippybetta

    Apisto breeding

    Nice pair! Best of luck to you!
  11. nippybetta

    Update Koi Angels

    Oh my! Those are bright! I think you enjoy those, don't you?
  12. nippybetta

    150 Gallon Tank Adult Angels

    Wow, beautiful. I love the platinums and the blue!
  13. nippybetta

    My 20G L

    Your fry is adorable... and very fat. It must eat a ton.
  14. nippybetta

    Moving Angel Pair

    It's going to be just the angel pair, and possibly the pleco again when the tank is set up. Thanks for the advice. EDIT: would putting some of the gravel that is currently in my 29g in a container and setting that in the other tank help in the case of a mini cycle? The only bb colony in my 10g...
  15. nippybetta

    Moving Angel Pair

    I'm planning on switching the substrate in my 29g, which is where my angel pair is housed, with a BN pleco. The fish will probably be out of the tank for a few days while I let everything get settled. So... How should I move them. I've got my 10g empty right now. It's barebottom, but I think...
  16. nippybetta

    Angel Family

    That's huge. I'm so jealous.
  17. nippybetta

    Concerned about angel

    Success story: I moved my angel back into the 75g. He was in the container for about 5 minutes to acclimate, and the whole time he was begging to get out and see his friend. I let him out pretty quickly because the temperature had matched, and he was overjoyed. My big angels are hanging out...
  18. nippybetta

    Angel Family

    I love your blue angel, and the platinum/ albino ones. They're stunning.
  19. nippybetta

    New Koi Angels

    25 of them! I an so jealous. They look amazing. Are you planning on breeding them?
  20. nippybetta

    Tornados :(

    What a relief. I'm sure you had a few very stressful hours.

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