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    How do you say goodbye to your dead fish?

    Mine go to the flowerbeds outside. Although if it is the winter and the fish that died was small I have put a couple in the indoor potted plants...
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    Choice of Fancy Goldfish & setup

    Orandas and moors are my favs. I've currently got a couple types of sword and two moss balls in with my black moors. The one moss ball has about doubled in size since I first got it so it seems to be surviving their trimming attempts very well. The moss ball has even 'spread' itself by...
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    What is the oldest fish you own(ed)?

    My oldest fish are all goldfish. The oldest two that I can estamate their age with any accuacy are Thing 1 and Thing 2 who are about 5 years old now. I have another three that are probably older, but they were re-homes so I have no idea by how much. All I know is that they are bigger
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    comet goldfish canundrum

    Another 'rule' I have heard for goldfish is 20G for the first one and 10 for each additional one. There are many such so called rules. Yet another is 50 G for the first comet and 20 for each additional one Take it with a grain of salt. Yes 55 for 5 comets is likely going to be a bit...
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    koi pond/greenhouse/swimming pool

    There's been fish in every lake I've swam in over the years too, never mind the stagnant dugouts (farm ponds) I wouldn't worry too much about the hazards of swimming in a pond, or sticking your hand in a fishtank. Just suggest not doing so with open wounds I'd love to do what you are...
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    Father's Day Kitty

    Last time I did the hand reared kitten thing, the one cat out of our group of adults that decided to help was also a neutered male. He was obsessed with getting into the kitten room and when we finally let him in, he spend much of his time sleeping with them and washing them. Quite adorable...
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    Who has the Worst Case of MTS? ;)

    3 x 5 gallon -betta/betta/endlers 2 x 10 gallon -endlers, cories 20g - red cap oranda 30g pond - 2 black moors 90g pond - goldfish
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    How crazy are these stocking ideas?

    Personally I'd be more worried about the puffer in a community set up then the female betta and d.g. Yeah that one could be a problem, but I have seen dwarf puffers in with cories before (not mine) and none of the cories had tails left
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    Treating betta for ich

    I've treated for ich with just heat alone a number of times. So if the amount of salt and when to add it is worrying for you, I say just don't bother with it till you can get home.
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    Naming fish

    I only name them if I can recognize them and differenciate them from each other. Thus the goldfish and bettas have names... and pretty much nothing else does. Though I admit to naming the couple mystery snails I had at one point
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