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  1. Kerfree

    Water Levels ??????

    Well guys so I was hospitalized for awhile with pneumonia and found out I have some issues. While I’m the hospital I had last a few fish but even since getting back home I’ve had a few losses. My 10 gal tank is good as is my 29 but all of a sudden my oldest tank the 37 has lost 3 fish in about a...
  2. Kerfree

    Idk If It’s Algae Or What

    i got this white skin looking stuff floating around in my tank there are no fish it’s been up up for awhile has black sand for substrate no new plants or anything I have soft water all my levels are good it wasn’t there yesterday it showed up over night I have a few pics hope you can see cause...
  3. Kerfree

    In Search Of Striped Kuhli Loaches

    if anyone can help me out I would like to find a few P. cuneovirgata loaches for my tank I’ve built and have them for it please let me know if any clue where they can be found I’ve been trying to find some stripe kuhli loaches in my area but don’t look to promising at all found some online till...
  4. Kerfree

    Here Comes New Project

    i have a 10 gal tank set up for my grandson with spongbob and his house and stuff he is 1 1/2 and one of his first things said you could understand was spongbob lol. What I’m going to do is tear out the shelf that this tank is on above my tv in the corner and make a heavy duty shelf like I did...
  5. Kerfree

    Sunsun Hw402b Skimmer

    i know everyone has some issues with this brand of filter meaning my sunsun hw402B but I keep getting a air pocket in my return line and it has to be the skimmer catching air but I just can’t seem to get it back to how I had it because it’s never done this even with a lot of air moving from...
  6. Kerfree

    Sunsun 300w In-line Filter

    the other day I got my sunsun 300w external heater I had it set at 26 degrees Celsius and it don’t turn off its like it can’t keep up with my tank (37 gallon) so I set it down just a hair and it’s still doing the same thing contacted seller and didn’t get a reply yet so idk what will happen with...
  7. Kerfree

    Underwater Led

    i have underwater led bubble lights in my tanks and this may be silly question but I’ve never had them before. When I have the room lights on over head my tank is crystal clear with led lights on it looks like a white haze in the water the light is down against gravel and shining up some just...
  8. Kerfree

    Active Carbon Or Maifanite

    does maifanite do about the same as active carbon or is there a difference really in the 2 of them I have both and just wondering if big difference in uses
  9. Kerfree

    Hydro Crunch Thermostat

    I just got 2 hydro crunch heating and cooling thermostat has anyone else had any experience with them? Do you like it if you have?
  10. Kerfree

    Help My Molly

    i took a few pics not sure what’s going on with my one molly I had a nitrates and nitrites spike did a 30% water change this morning it’s 39 gallons has heater at 79.6 degrees have canister filter cleaned it this morning also I’m adding a couple pics hope you can see what I mean is going on
  11. Kerfree

    Cleaning And Changing Media

    it’s getting that time to clean out my SunSun HW402B I’m trying to wait for all my new media to get here with holidays seems like it’s taking forever or maybe it’s just me wanting to get it set up like a little kid at Christmas but anyhow I had ask about lava rocks on bottom of canister before...
  12. Kerfree

    My Boys Getting There Color

    my boys cheech and Chong have got their color on they seem so happy and they definitely are showing they are happy with all their color coming in
  13. Kerfree

    Got A Money Saving Idea

    i spoke with someone the other day I don’t want to say names for the simple reason of not starting issues but have found out that if you have a established tank you can get super Biohome gravel fo a few dollars cheaper a pound and get live bio bacteria balls and it works every bit as good as...
  14. Kerfree

    Definitely A Community Tank

    well guys I got pretty much all my fish settled in and they are definitely a community tank I have 2 blue dwarf Gourami 6 fancy guppies 4 mollies 2 black and 2 Dalmatian and my albino Cory cat with his buddie pepper Cory catfish and my 4 ghost shrimp and the rule of these fish swim here and...
  15. Kerfree

    Lava Rock At Bottom Of Canister Filter

    i see pond guru use bioballs in the bottom of a canister filter to break up the inlet of water what I was wondering is could I use lava rock in the bottom of my canister filter to do the same thing and help the filtration
  16. Kerfree

    Almost Done

    well guys here it is I have to reroute some air tubes yet and waiting for a few things to come in but almost done as of now I only have 3 guppies 1 Cory catfish and 4 ghost shrimp but after Christmas I will be adding more now that the upgrade to this tank which is 39 gal with a SunSun HW402B...
  17. Kerfree

    Transferred Ghost Shrimp

    I transferred 1 of my ghost shrimp this morning from my 10 gal tank over to my new 39 gal and it’s just going crazy in there checking out everything going back and forth from one end to the other guess maybe it’s excited to have all the room well I hope that’s what it is and not that my levels...
  18. Kerfree

    Tested Levels Wanted Some Input

    I got a API master test kit my nitrate is around 2.5 my nitrite was 0 my ph was 6.9 and my ammonia was at 0.05 so I know that the ammonia needs to come down but what’s the thought on all of these results because I would like to put some fish in and maybe transfer my other fish also I would just...
  19. Kerfree

    Canister Filter Media

    Well guys got my SunSun HW 402B and this thing is super quiet I can hear my air pump over it I had to go over and touch it to see if it was running no lie but hear is what I’m wondering well wanting some opinions I’ve heard biohome is the best media on the market but it is a little pricey so is...
  20. Kerfree

    What Tank Size Would Be Better

    Hey guys need a little help I’m keeping guppies a coby cat and want some platy and other fish I’m going to be better off with a 37 gal that’s tall or a 29 that’s longer I need some fast help on this one guys

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