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    Nep L008 Leapard Peckoltia Pleco Sunken Belly Not Interested In Food

    I picked up a new pleco just last week and have not seen him eat. I have been feeding at night a few pellets for him to get to and have noticed he is active and out and moves a lot but I have not seen him go for food. He also has a bit of a sunken belly. I have trested using api general cure for...
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    Help Need Help Identifying Species Of Rhinogobius

    I have 2 species of rhinogobius. Both of witch I am unclear on what species they are. I've had them a few months and they are great and healthy as could be. I have 2 of each species and one of the species is breeding. I am trying to figure out what species they are so I can properly sell them if...

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