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  1. Mims

    What is this brown mess on my plants?

    10g tank, tested yesterday, nitrates, ammonia, etc is all where it should be. I do weekly water changes of about 30-40% I have 3 ADF and 1 male guppy. What is this ? It's on one side of a wall, and on the driftwood, too. How do I get rid of it?
  2. Mims

    2 different colored shrimp together? Which ones?

    Hey guys. I read back over several pages, and tried a search, but didn't come up with much. I'm sure this has been asked multiple times, so forgive me for asking again. I have a 10 gallon tank in my office. I'm going to make it a shrimp tank. I've had RCS before, but it's been a while, and...
  3. Mims

    Male or Female BN?

    Or is it too early to tell yet? It's about 1.5 to 2" long, so far. I don't see any nubs yet, but I have no idea how big they get before you start seeing them. I've never owned a pleco before.
  4. Mims

    What kind of algae, and okay to leave?

    I recently cleaned out this tank, especially the gravel. I noticed an algae growth on the side of the tank after coming to work on Monday. I've left it there for now, as it doesn't seem to be spreading, other than growing a little longer, and my new baby killifish seem to like pecking thru it...
  5. Mims

    BN health check

    Hey guys. So I've never owned a pleco before. I've had this little guy for a week or 2 now, and he seems happy and healthy, but I wouldn't mind your opinion on it. Does he seem fat enough? Excuse the bad pics, he was moving too much to get a good one. Also, does this oto seem fat...
  6. Mims

    Dead ghost shrimp, blue?

    So I noticed 2 days ago that one of my ghost shrimp seemed a little blue tinted. Tonight, he was dead. Definitely blue tints. Is this normal? Could he have been a different strain, or have had a disease? He never turned white, and even after he died, he didn't turn the pinkish color they...
  7. Mims

    Is this a baby BN?

  8. Mims

    algae from outside for otos?

    I had 6 otos, I'm down to 4, will be getting a couple more this weekend. I have been adding blanched zucchini and cucumbers for about 2 weeks now, but they've never touched them. I have a horse tank outside that has algae growth in it. Would a gob of that be okay for my otos? Some of it is...
  9. Mims

    Mbuna Species compatibility chart, questions

    So I found this compatibility chart, and I'm trying to research a possible future AC tank, specifically Mbunas. I am going for a "peaceful" (or as peaceful as they get anyways) tank, and am trying to narrow choices down, so I can research them more. It will likely be a 75 gallon tank. First...
  10. Mims

    Would you buy this tank?

    Help me talk myself down. I'm seriously considering buying this tank. I'm pretty sure it's an excellent deal. He's gone down from $1800 to $700. I don't know anything about SW, I was going to get one in a few months once we move offices. I found a company that will do all the maintenance for...
  11. Mims

    Seeded media, how long would it take...

    To remove nitrites and nitrates from a tank? I admit, I neglected my 10 gallon tank for the last week and a half. It's down to 2 shrimp after removing the fish I had quarantined in it, and I forgot to test the water. So I did tonight, and I was at 0 ammonia, .25 - .5 nitrites (can't really...
  12. Mims

    How to make a plastic cave aquarium proof?

    I bought this little cave for an extra hiding spot for my eel. All 9 corys are frequently under his driftwood, and I think it's starting to irritate him. So this cave is supposedly aquarium proof, but I've seen where the paint can start to flake off. Is there anything I can coat it with so...
  13. Mims

    Algae identification, help please

    So I was out of town for the last week. My FIL fed my fish. I pre measured out the needed food, and he said he only fed them what was in each cup (I believe him). I tested my water (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 15 nitrates) and did a 40% water change before I left. I got back late last night, and...
  14. Mims

    Newbie, can I get some help with what to get?

    Hey all. I'm planning to have a SW tank running by around November. I'm going to research like crazy between now and then. My question is, what can I start buying now, so I don't incur the costs all at once? I'm getting a 125g long, I saw it at my somewhat LFS, and fell in love. I'm pretty...
  15. Mims

    To release or not to release, that is the question

    I'm going on vacation and will be gone for about 8 days. I have 6 baby Forktail rainbows in a breeder net in my main tank (55g). Well, I have 6, but only 5 are in the net. 2 days ago, one managed to hop out of the net and has been in the main tank. He's survived, no one has eaten him yet...
  16. Mims

    adding second filter, and need help please with flow and fish

    Okay, so my current tank is 48" long. The hood is divided in the middle, so I currently have a HOB penguin 350 biowheel on the right side. It's doing an okay/pretty good job on the right side, very little debris, but the left side is full of crud. I am getting ready to order a SunSun filter...
  17. Mims

    Finnex planted +, oh wow the difference!!!

    I got my 48" FPP in tonight. I am in LOVE with this light!!! Before: After: Moonlights: And it is showing me that I need to clean my tank walls! I couldn't even see that with the hood lights.
  18. Mims

    Can you reuse a tank that's had salt in it?

    Hey guys. I have a 2.5g tank I was using for brine shrimp. If I want to reuse it for something else, is there any way to clean all the salt out, and know it will be safe for regular shrimp? It's acrylic, btw.
  19. Mims

    Boring tank, any ideas to make it prettier?

    Hey guys. I had to uproot everything today to get an eel out to be returned. Since I've already uprooted everything, I'm wanting to redecorate and maybe move plants or add something. It's really lacking something, and just seems boring. A have another, smaller piece of driftwood boiling right...
  20. Mims

    Brown moss and what to do

    Hey guys. I ordered this moss, and it came before my wood is ready, so I rinsed it and tossed it in the tank. Oops. It's shedding brown moss like crazy. When I tied it to my driftwood, should I get rid of all the brown moss, or just tie it on as it, with the green moss facing up (of...

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