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  1. Kolby Holdren

    Help With Breeding Ebas

    I breed SA, and African cichlids and also guppies. But haven't had as many stuggles I've had with my EBA pair! When I first got them they were bare bottom with slate and a flat Rock. The layed almost instantly then maybe 4-7 days ate the fry. Which isn't very common. So I talked to some people...
  2. Kolby Holdren

    Planning An African Cichlid Tank. Advice From More Experienced

    So I've had multiple tanks. Not a newby but completely new to African Cichlids. Tank will be in a 100(if I could have found a 125 I would have just was to good a deal to turn down). So far the plan is only mbuna. And maybe some pictus or synodontis petricolas.(anyone have issues feeding these...
  3. Kolby Holdren

    My Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Is Looking Pale!

    So I've had him for probably 10-11 months. Just recently been looking a little pale overall compared to what he use to look like. Water parameters are fine for JDs. Tank mates aren't agressive or take food. He eats fine. Sometimes he's super skiddish and will tweak out and swim around quick...
  4. Kolby Holdren

    First Salt Water Build Advice

    So doing my first salt water build. Have experience with multiple fresh water tanks, going to step into salt water! Ill just write down my plan 36 gallon BowFront. Filter- Fluval 306(ideas on extra media?) Protein skimmer- CoraLife Super Skimmer for 65 gal Light- Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Heater-...
  5. Kolby Holdren

    Skimmer For First Time Salt Build

    Hey all. Building a salt water tank. 36 bowfront. Gonna use a fluval 306, live rocks. No coral or anything. Going to have a relatively low bioload. Just wondering what you think the best HOB protein skimmer i could use for this tank would be. Ive been doing some research and my current choice is
  6. Kolby Holdren

    Help With My Black Convict Chichlid!

    I have a mated pair of black convict chichlids. Noticed a small white spot on females mouth about a month ago, never grew so just kept an eye on it and it went away on its own. Just today noticed a huge issue with the male that looks identical to the females recent issue but far worse! Will...
  7. Kolby Holdren

    Pretty Long Stocking Question(3 Tanks)

    So to get into this I know I have a few issues. Thing have came up as I went and changed so now I'm in a small pickle. First I will give you my tanks and the stocking and basic parameters for each 60 gallon planted kept at ~79°》 10 tiger barbs 5 bumble bee cats 1 Clown pleco 1 Chinese algae...
  8. Kolby Holdren

    A Few Stocking Advice Needed For 2 Tanks

    So I have a 55 gallon and will need to split the stock soon, I plan on setting up a 29 gal that all I need more is a heater. My plan is to build the 29 gal at around 74-75 degrees based on what I need to move into it from my larger tank. I will give the breakdown of each tank, let me know...
  9. Kolby Holdren

    Having Some Plecos Die

    I'm having a few issues with one if my tanks. 60 gallon. Water parameters about as good as they can be. 0 ppm nitrite and ammonia, sitting about 10-15 ppm nitrate, 7.2ish ph, water temp 79.1. Sand substrate, with rocks and driftwood and roughly 6ish different ferns. Stock is; 5 bumble bee...
  10. Kolby Holdren

    German Blue Ram Advice

    Thinking about setting up a new tank to breed GBRs. It's gonna be a 29g. And only going to have GBRs in it other than maybe a few neon tetras and a small pleco. (Thought about a couple small cat fish but won't work if trying to breed) My question is what substrate should I use? Gravel or sand. I...
  11. Kolby Holdren

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

    Hello all. So recently set up a tank for am EBJD. had everything in there before putting in the EBJD thinking this would be best. Tank is set up with sand substrate, drift wood, large rocks and roughly 10 Java ferns in a 60 gal. Fish wise I have 5 bumble bee cats, 1 twig cat, 1 bristle-nose...
  12. Kolby Holdren

    Possibly Sick Dwarf Gourami

    Hey all, First time poster here. 3rd aquarium, water peramiters near perfect and seeing some issues with one of my DGs. It started a few weeks ago. I noticed a small growth right next to his mouth that is now much larger, it kinda has a white fuzz like a zit or something(possible internal...

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