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  1. aHumanBeing

    Probably going to Euthanize my Goldie soon :(

    My Fantail Gertrude has always had some swim bladder issues. Unfortunately recently she got an infection as well. I treated it with Tetracycline and all was well for about a week. But now it has become plainly obvious that she has tumors. They must have gotten worse or something with the recent...
  2. aHumanBeing

    Petsmart in Sterling has a 150 Tall with stand in store

    I was just out picking up some prime and saw a huge tank. Since they don't seem to be very common I figured some people might want to know. But the Petsmart in Sterling has a 150 Tall with a stand, lights and all that stuff. I think it was $799 and it's the first time i've ever seen a tank that...
  3. aHumanBeing

    How many of you got Aquariums or fish for Christmas?

    How many of you got Aquariums or fish for Christmas? What size tank? What else came with your gift? What breed? How many fish? How freaking excited are you? Share your goodies!
  4. aHumanBeing

    Saw a Ranchu and a Pearl scale in feeder tank in Ashburn VA

    Just giving a heads up to anyone looking for a Pearlscale or a Ranchu. The Pet Supplies plus in Ashburn has both in their Feeder tank, I also saw some cute Ryukins and Fantails in there. Could be a real bargain if you are in the market. I would have picked them both up but I can't take on the...
  5. aHumanBeing

    Creepy water bugs, possibly Daphnia found in un-used quarantine

    Hey, so my 20G quarantine has been sitting around after a hospital visit from one of my fish. The fish is all better and has been out of the tank for weeks. I just haven't taken the initiative to take down the 20G. It's gotten pretty dirty from fish waste that I hadn't taken care of. But there...
  6. aHumanBeing

    Ranchu almost cured from rapid infection, possible pop eye and fungus :)

    My wonderful little Ranchu named Ted came down with a very rapid infection and fungus almost over night. I think it was because I did a normal large water change about a week ago, about 75%. The difference was I moved my centerpiece faux tree root towards the end of the change. This kicked up a...
  7. aHumanBeing

    Tiger Barbs and an Algae Wafer

    Below are my 5 Tiger Barbs and their 3 Albino cousins pecking at a fresh algae wafer. They usually take about an hour or two eat a wafer.
  8. aHumanBeing

    3 Goldfish and a Bowl

    My two fantails and their Ranchu buddy playing with the little half gallon bowl in their 75 Gallon tank. I threw two 3mm NLS Goldfish Pellets in the bowl and they proceeded to try and retrieve the pellets. Wilbur the black Fantail was the only one who nabbed a Pellet in the video. The music...
  9. aHumanBeing

    ECR Goldie purchase, can't decide! Need quick opinions

    Found pretty much the perfect Goldie on East Coast Ranchu, FB686 is her ID, she just put it up today and it's a GORGEOUS tri color 1+ year old female with a beautiful side view. Gah...I just bought a Lemon head from her over a month ago and it is beyond fantastic. I figure I only have one chance...
  10. aHumanBeing

    Monitor your fish from your cell phone or computer, a trick for you.

    So i've found a few uses for my webcam. Such as monitoring our 3D printer while away and accessing it from a cell phone AND my Fishies. Basically all you have to do is setup a computer close enough to what you want to watch. Then make sure you have a web cam and download Yawcam. It's super...
  11. aHumanBeing

    Summer time tap water: 1 PPM Ammonia!

    This is really regarding all my tanks in my signature: 36 Gallon, 75 and 20 quarantine. My tap water is coming out at 1.0 ppm from the tap! It used to be .25 and under but it seems that summertime has increased the ammonia. Even my dual Eheim 2217's are having issues getting rid of this ammonia...
  12. aHumanBeing

    Seeking Ryukin and Ranchu in Northern VA

    Hey, Last time I got some good help finding some Tiger Barbs. I'm currently seeking a 3+" Ranchi and a 3+" Ryukin. I'm in Ashburn and have checked all over the place for them. The only place that has Ranchu's is Vienna Aquarium but theirs are black and very small so they're out of the running...
  13. aHumanBeing

    Time to flood the 75 gallon tank and carpet...and electronics

    I use a tank vac similar to the python where you can flip a switch to create suction or fill the tank. I just drained about 20% of my 75 gallon tank and began filling it. I always set a timer on my phone so I continually check the tank as i'm filling it back up. I set the timer and then...
  14. aHumanBeing

    AC decided to die on the first upcoming 100* F day :(

    Just got back from another 12 hour day of work which was overly busy. 8am -8pm spending the time in a temperature controlled data center was nice, I get home and it's 81*F in the house. I asked my wife what happened and she didn't even notice lol, she just assumed it was because of the heat...
  15. aHumanBeing

    My Prego Tiger Barb is a fatty fat fat

    Just wanted to share a little video of my first fish i've kept alice from dec 2013. During the first schoal of fish that I bought I suffered a horrible loss and 5 of 6 fish died. They went into a cycled tank and unfortunately 5 of 6 had parasites. But fortunately one of them survived and she is...
  16. aHumanBeing

    Preparing frozen Brine Shrimp, tips?

    Just picked up a frozen sheet of Brine shrimp as treats for my Tiger Barbs and Fancy Goldfish. Is there anything in particular I need to do before feeding them the shrimps? Do I just cut a square and drop it in the tank while frozen?
  17. aHumanBeing

    Please read the sticky at the top of the page

    Please read everything in the the sticky at the top of the page it will most likely save your fish! I've never seen a forum with so much useful information in a Sticky. Seriously you will save yourself a lot of heartache and possibly your fishes lives. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  18. aHumanBeing

    Omg this lady and her feeding technique, Genius

    I was wandering the depths of youtube in the last 30 mins and came a cross a video. It's not my video but it's certainly a nifty idea. The lady takes a water bottle, cuts off the base, attaches a hanger through the base, turns the bottle upside down in the tank, drops fish food in it and the...
  19. aHumanBeing

    Fantail Goldfish playing in sand: 75 Gallon

    I put my two Calico Fantails in their 75 Gallon on April 16th. They spent so much time in a 5.5 gallon quarantine so now they just spend their days digging in the sand. They are in love with the new tank and seem to have gotten used to the size. I definitely recommend sand as a substrate...
  20. aHumanBeing

    Fancy Goldfish, swim bladder problem, very stringy poop

    My Goldies are in quarantine in a 5.5 Gallon. Current Water is 0,0,10 and was cycled with dr tims and his ammonia. The fish are pretty small 1 1/2" body excluding fins and I change 30-40% with water daily with Prime to every other day since the tank is small. They're being fed New Life spectrum...

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