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    My Fluval Megaflex 32

    Hi! I had been planning to upgrade to a 20 gallon long, but my hubby surprised me with the new Fluval 32gal Flex for Christmas! Yes, he spoiled me. Then, he built a gorgeous stand, following ideas from a stand posted on here and on another site. I used blasting sand from Blaine’s Farm and...
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    Corner Hmf Or Canister For 20 Long?

    Hi! I *think* I have finally convinced my husband that I need a larger tank. So, I’m hoping for Christmas to get a 20 gallon long since my red cherry population is exploding inside my 5 gallon Fluval spec V. The tank will be planted and host cherry shrimp, hopefully pygmy Cories and probably...
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    First Berried Rcs!

    After 1 month, I finally have a berried RCS! I’m so proud, lol! This shrimp is huge, so much larger than my other, darker reds. I think she is obviously a lower grade, but when I first found shrimp locally, she was one of the few available. When she was first berried a few days ago, she was so...
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    I Have Baby Shrimp!

    I’m so excited, y’all! I’ve had my shrimp for a month and they haven’t successfully bred, but last week my husband found two pregnant RCS females at a store while he was traveling. I noticed this morning that one mama no longer had her eggs, and I was super lucky tonight while moving moss around...
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    Can Rcs Lose The Saddle Without Being Berried?

    I searched and maybe I didn’t search correct terms, but I couldn’t find an answer. I have had a 5gal planted tank running for over month, and had RCS for right at a month. Several I purchased already had a saddle. One in particular molted two weeks ago and I watched what I think is a male cling...
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    Hi From Ne Iowa!

    Hi! My interest in this hobby started in August with a sick 5 year old wanting the beautiful teal and white butterfly Betta he saw at Walmart. Fast forward a couple months and we have that Betta, Groot, in a 3.5gal and my 9 year old has a Betta, Fergus, in a 5.5gal. Well, I had to join in the...

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