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    Yay! I've decided to get an oscar!

    We'll ... He died:''( Water perimeters are perfect, I haven't lost a fish in forever, and I had done a 40% water change too. I just think he might of been too shocked in the move. Every now and then fish just don't make it through the transition. I may get an oscar that's a little more grown.
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    New to Cycling with Plants

    TSS is just bacteria to help convert ammonia to nitrates. Put in plants, water, TSS, and fish. Enjoy!
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    Yay! I've decided to get an oscar!

    Thanks! They all look the same to me, I can't wait for him to grow up! Notice the neon tetra in the pic? I wonder how long till he is food"?
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    New to Cycling with Plants

    It means I used a filter from a prior tank that already had beneficial bActeria
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    My Pea Puffer Pair

    Nice! What are you keeping them in?
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    little upset at work

    I'd be upset I didn't get to take care of it. We love our new fish projects! I'm sorry :-(
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    New to Cycling with Plants

    I'd throw in all the plants in off the bat. The plants help to clean the water and help provide oxygen to the water. You can probably add fish with TSS almost immediately. Just know the plants will throw off your tests a bit. My planted 10 gallon didn't read nitrates for near 2 months. But...
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    Could 3 Bala Sharks fit in a 6 foot tank?

    I didn't realize bala sharks got that big
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    AquaBid - Post your Dream Fishes!!!!

    I did my first purchase on aquabid a week or so ago, 20-25 red cherry shrimp for 20$! Great deal considering my lfs charges 3.50$ per.
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    New to Cycling with Plants

    Yeah mine took a very long time to cycle but the fish seem really happy. I just have a filter to keep the water moving I guess.

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