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    Can/should I Add More Tank Mates?

    Hi all, I have. 72G bow front tank w/ two 406 canister filters. My current community: 1 angelfish 3 boesmani rainbows 7 tetra glofish 3 rummynose tetras I've tried stocking more rummynose, but they don't stay alive. Is there another group of small fish I can get?
  2. J

    2 weeks with no water change and readings show 0 nitrates (0 ammonia and nitrite

    Hi all, I posted a few weeks ago about how I believe the water changes that I'm doing are killing my fish. Since then I've been afraid to change the water, so I've left it as is and all fish seem to be doing much better. The weird thing is, using the API test kit, my readings are 0 ammonia, 0...
  3. J

    Fish keep dying after water changes

    Hi all, I've have a fully cycled tank for about 2 months now. I had 8 rainbow fish in the tank for a few weeks and they all seemed to be doing great up until 2 weeks ago. After I changed the water (30% water change) 2 of the rainbows died 2 days later. I did another water change 2 days ago and...
  4. J

    Put 12 rummynose tetras in cycled tank 2 days ago - 7 have already died

    Hi all, I cycled my tank over the span of a month and purchased my first fish (12 rummynose tetras). I acclimated them slowly over a 2 hour period and 7 have already died over the past 3 days. No idea what I'm doing wrong, but seems like cycling was a waste of time. 72g bowfront 2x fluval 406...
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    My tank has finished cycling. A few questions on next steps

    Hi all, I'm happy to say my tank appears to be cycled (0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, lots of nitrates within 24 hours. Doused my tank with 3ppm ammonia again a few hours ago and will check in 24 hours to make sure it's cycled). I have a few questions on what I should do next 72g bowfront 2x fluval...
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    Mixing Cory Cats and YoYO Loaches?

    Hi all, 72g bowfront tank both gravel and sand substrate tank is currently empty (fishless cycle) 2 fluval 406 filters Would like to get your expert opinions on this. I planned on getting 10 Sterbai Cory's for the bottom of my tank, but i would really like more of a variety at the bottom if...
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    Stocking ideas for my 72g tank

    Hi all, Started my cycle about a week ago, so figured now's a good time to start thinking about stock 72g bow front 2 x fluval 406 filters 2 heaters Live plants I'm interested in a peaceful community. I'd really like catfish, rainbow fish and glofish, but have no idea how many to get and...
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    What should I buy to keep my plants alive?

    Hi all, Plants are easily the most confusing aspect of aquariums for me. I have a 72g tank with led lighting. I plan on filling the tank with water today and starting my fishless cycle, but first I plan on getting plants. I plan on getting a bunch of low tech plants today, but I really have no...
  9. J

    My tank build so far

    Thought for weeks on the best way to keep two substrates in the tank without them mixing. This is what I came up with. Waiting on some driftwood to be delivered and need to find a nice natural looking background. Plan on starting my fishless cycle once I add the driftwood in a week or so...
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    Are these rocks OK for Cory catfish?

    Hi all, I just started setting up my 72g tank and now I'm slightly worried that I won't be able to add cory's to the tank, due to the rocks I added. The rocks aren't smooth, but I wouldn't say that they're sharp either. I could easily rub my finger on them without fear of getting cut, but not...
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    Are these rocks OK for Corys?

    Hi all, Just started setting up my tank and now I'm Slightly worried I won't be able to add cory's to the tank due to the rocks I added. The rocks aren't smooth, but I wouldn't call them sharp either. I could easily rub my finger on them without fear of getting cut, but not sure how sensitive...
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    Completely new to this. What are my best lighting options?

    Hey all, Been doing tons of research on the forums and was able to get most of the info I needed without asking, but I'm stuck on the lighting. I have a 72G bow front tank that I plan on stocking with a group of community fish. I plan on getting some live plants but nothing crazy. What are my...

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