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  1. kevymd

    Tank Therapy

    Last night was rough at work. I don't think I've mentioned this to anyone yet, but I work in Mental Health now, at a residential situation for people who are not safe alone in the community. Most of the cottages are on a tight lock down, all the cupboards have locks, and the fridges are...
  2. kevymd

    mystery (smell) tank

    A friend from my old job heard that I was "into" fish, so as a going away gift he gave me an old tank that he just had sitting around. Swore up and down it was a 30G, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence that its just a 20. no big deal, thats awesome for me. free tank! I've finally got...
  3. kevymd

    I'm back

    Did you all miss me? I missed you all. So much. So what's new here? Well with me, I have a new job, new apartment, new everything. Well, sort of. Old tanks. Still have the 29, the split ten. Something went through and killed a lot of my stock. I only have two bettas left . No guppies, three Cory...
  4. kevymd

    unique moral dillema.

    So I have this dodgy little app on my phone that connects me to strangers around the world for chatting (some use it for "dating", I'm just looking to talk.) My mom has been begging me to get rid of it, she's sure something terrible will happen to me, but I'm not meeting anyone from it, and I...
  5. kevymd

    Robin the guppy earns his new name

    So I recently told you all of the first male fry I had make it to a sexable size, right? Plopped him in the 29 and he made himself at home, and since he was so small, I named him Robin as a place holder name (after the boy wonder, not the bird). Well tonight, amidst my sadness, he made me smile...
  6. kevymd

    Lost Eusacte.

    He's been bloated, and has had dropsy for the past few days. I've been trying to help him, but he finally hasn't been about to swim. I finally decided to do the right thing and let him go tonight. He's the first betta I've lost in a long time. I'm going to miss his funny little attitude.
  7. kevymd

    Bye bye supes, again.

    Lost my Superman guppy this morning. He's been doing poorly and this morning he couldn't swim any more. I think it's because I've been gone so much that some kind of infection set in from lack of food. Symptoms were unusual in that they were very similar to my last bacterial outbreak, but also...
  8. kevymd

    Assassin snail eggs

    I have lots of them. All over driftwood, bits of stones.... Little square shaped eggs. All. Over. I though these guys didn't breed without some salt in the tank? What shall I do if they hatch?
  9. kevymd

    Recharging purigen

    How's it done? I've been reading 1:1 bleach and water for 24 hourse, then 8 hours in dechlorinated water, is that correct? Can I do it for less than 24 hours?
  10. kevymd

    So maybe....

    I might be getting a free 50 g or so tank. I have some more flirting to do, but I think it's in the bag and I even have a place to hide it just thought you all should know. Ciao!
  11. kevymd

    Derpy water change.

    I must not have been very awake last night when I did my water change, because I ended up with a three towel (ok, ok, four ) mess. Lesson learned: Check the sink. I hook my python to my kitchen sink, and its a chore because I have to unhook my Pur water filter first. So I get it all hooked...
  12. kevymd

    couple of interesting articles

    So I'm probably NPR's youngest listener in Michigan, but I'm glad I listened. Heard two interesting things today regarding fish/water/current events. Not really aquarium related, but interesting news nonetheless...
  13. kevymd

    Free Ramshorn snails!

    Just pay for shipping! I have a ridiculous amount of ramshorn snails and I am hoping someone here needs or wants some. I don't much care if they end up as food or what, just would like to find them a new home. Please keep in mind that this will be my first time shipping live creatures, so if you...
  14. kevymd

    PSST..... Check this out....

    Look over here... Not there, over <--- Here. See that? under my name? Mentor its so funny the things that turn a day around And back to your regularly scheduled chatting.
  15. kevymd

    Newest boy!

    Meet Robin Ok, I know he's not the right colors to be Robin, but the name will do for him while he finishes growing. He's the oldest male fry I have, and I've moved him to the big boys tank. Kinda hard to see here but he has the start of a pale blue looking bottom sword on his tail and a bit...
  16. kevymd

    Betta missing a fin?

    I've been spending more time at my moms house since we're coming up on the anniversary of my dad's death in February. It's comforting, but I've been leaving my tanks alone for longer periods of time than I'm really comfortable with. This time when I came back Rillian was missing a fin. One of...
  17. kevymd

    Want To Buy Used heater, possibly a sponge filter

    Hello all! I'm getting ready for my wild bettas and I was wondering if someone had a gently used heater they might want to sell to me. I'm also interested in a sponge filter if one is available, but it isn't necessary. Rated for 10-20 gallons. Not sure how much I'm willing to spend but I thought...
  18. kevymd

    Clear Plastic Totes

    Found some on sale at my Lowes. Only picked up one but it was a pretty good deal, less than $6 for a clear 12G Tote with a nice lid. And yes, because its me, I got the one with the pink lid.
  19. kevymd

    How to raise baby plants?

    What is the best way to raise itty bitty plants? I want to grow them up quick and be able to either plant them or sell them. Is there a way to speed them up? I have them in a breeding trap in the main tank so they don't get swept up or anything, and it has good lighting and the parameters...
  20. kevymd

    Catching Fry

    (yes, its a pun on catching fire) Spent part of last night catching fry from my female tank and putting them in the grow out. That was fun (not). Thought there was only two so I just went after them with my net (one of those green ones that comes in every kit, not a huge one, but still no...

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