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  1. Castiel*

    Want To Buy Bring Me Guppies

    Looking for somewhat of a bulk deal if possible 10-20, need just females mostly but would consider mixed sex. Unsexed Juvenile also welcome for right price.
  2. Castiel*

    Time For A New Tank?

    Landlord just gave me the okay to set up bigger tanks, his "limit" when I moved in was a 40g. We modified the lease and there is no limit on tank size, but I do live on the second story. I'm conflicted about what I should get though, should I play it safe and just get a 55g? (Less weight...
  3. Castiel*

    Parameter Question..

    Kind of a simple and stupid question, but figured I would ask anyways.. My 10g tank is home to a male betta, a female guppy, 5 assassian snails, and at minimum 30 RCS. Lots of plants.. Anachris, Hornwort, Dwarf Water Lettuce, java fern in substrate and attatched to root tree, Marimo Moss...
  4. Castiel*

    Neon Tetra Southern Minnesota Or Iowa Border

    Contemplating getting rid of my school of 15 neons in my 29g. Unknown sexes, but my tank temp is a little warm and they are in the tank with a firemouth (recently was brought to my attention they would probably end up food in there). If there is anybody living in the southern Minnesota/Iowa...
  5. Castiel*

    Firemouth Photo Shoot

    My young adult male was finally in the mood to stay still enough for some pictures today, he is definitely the king of the 29g!
  6. Castiel*

    Impulse Buy Of Today

    Found a 20g long, three decent mopani driftwood pieces, a 200w heater, aquaeon water changer (like python), and a huge Ziploc bag of peat moss for $20. The tank is being leak tested now, going to be a nice upgrade from my 10g betta tank. Dave should be happy!
  7. Castiel*


    Had these pop up in my tank last night when I was I work, possibly eggs? They are spherical and an organic origin of some sort. I do have Oscomote+ root tab capsules in substrate, corys could have stirred up a tab. 29g planted freshwater 1- Male Firemouth 1- Male Half moon Plakat Betta 20-...
  8. Castiel*

    Night Time Photo Shoot

    30g Hex- 29g- 10g-
  9. Castiel*

    What's Going On With My Old Boy?

    10g planted Parameters- 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite 5 Nitrate 8.0 pH 76° F This is Dave, he is about 8 years old and has been quite the companion. As Dave has aged his color had changed slowly, but always looked vibrant. Over the past couple weeks his fin (dorsal) and scales on his back have...
  10. Castiel*

    Assassian Snails

    Looking for two assassians snails for my 10g tank. Anybody on here have a couple they are willing to sell and ship to me?
  11. Castiel*

    How To Handle Ramshorn Snails...

    I've been having a problem lately with my Ramshorns in my 10g tanks. I have always had them in my tanks and never minded.. but now that my tank is planted they have been destroying my Amazon Sword, Java Fern, and completely ate my water sprite plants to nothing. I have RCS and heard assassian...
  12. Castiel*

    Firemouth Cichlid

    Anybody have a firemouth? Bought a 40b that I set up for my blood parrot, and on the way home found a 30g with stand for free.. needless to say I set up two tanks today and tore down my 30 hex for equiptment in the 40b. Anywho, Whilst I cycle I wanted to know opinions on them? I've heard...
  13. Castiel*

    Blood Parrot Stocking

    Would one work in a 40g breeder? I know they can get up to 8 inches.
  14. Castiel*

    Newest Tank Shots After Some Restocking

    10g- Male Betta, Red Cherry Shrimp, 5x female guppy juvenile, 2x mystery snail 29g- 16x Neon Tetra, 9x Peppered Cory, 1x Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco, 4x Mystery Snail. 30g Hex- 7x Male Guppy, 6x Ghost Shrimp, 1x Female Betta, 1x Bristlenose Pleco, 4x Mystery Snail. My Mystery Snail...
  15. Castiel*

    Buenos Aires Tetra Question?

    Wondering if anybody here keeps them, and has any quirks? I've been thinking of a school of 10 in my 29g with my longfin albino BN Pleco and 9 peppered cories. Is a 29g a big enough tank for them since they are so active and big? Are they really bad fin nippers like people say? Hardy fish...
  16. Castiel*

    'ol Man Daves Birthday In 45 Mins!

    More of an "acquired" birthday then actual birthday. He went through 3 name changes (Trigger, Calypso, now Dave), lived in a half gallon rectangle tank for 1/4 Of his life (unfiltered, unheated, monthly water changes). We have all been there Say hello to my eight year old crowntail!
  17. Castiel*

    Egg Id?

    These just showed up on the inside of my hood this morning. Are these mystery snail eggs? I'm stumped..
  18. Castiel*

    Saltwater Starter

    Thinking about taking the plunge into saltwater. I have a lot of experience with freshwater, but have never even researched saltwater. Any tips for a beginner before he walks into a money pit of a headache?
  19. Castiel*

    Today's Project

    Finally got around to taking down the old 20g tank and swapped it to my 29g I had empty the past couple weeks.
  20. Castiel*

    Seachem Tidal

    Anybody have a chance to pick one of these filters up yet? I'm setting up a 40g Breeder here in a couple weeks and really am interested in the 55 series. Seachem - Tidal Power Filters

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