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    bloody parrots

    just wonde/ring if those of you who keep bloddy parrots ......find that they are shy eaters? mine seem to come out if i am at a distance not when im close do they act shy normally?
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    30 Gallon Tank free lil ones?

    the rabbits did it again free lil one i tell ya free free come and get um
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    30 Gallon Tank con babies

    anyone close to ny want any lil con babies?free i tell ya lol
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    30 Gallon Tank cons got it right

    they are finlly wriggling without her eating them!!!! see how it all goes i suppose
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    lfs stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so anyway i go to a lfs.. i see white cons and i decide to buy one (couldnt help it) so anyway lfs guy says"do you know these are mean?" and somehow the convo went to pwc and he told me that weekly wasnt needed he does his yearly lol at that point i was almost amused but scared for those who...
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    10 Gallon Tank going away feeding issue

    :;hurryb ok well my plan was to have a buddy feed my babies every other day and was going to make it easy and use my frozen blood worm cubes but now onto my african tank.....well there is a lil fin nipping every once in a while if i go on a 2 day feeding schedule and yes they will eat pellets...
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    mike vick

    the eagles signed the dog fighter isnt that sick?
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    yay craigslist

    2 ehiem canister filters used for 50 bucks i smell mts comeing on
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    lfs made me buy fish!!!!

    well not really but i bought a new con female for the african tank shes in there with the lights out right now so we will see she just barely was showing oarnge belly so i know its a female i took my time to aclimate but it will be awhile for pics since the lights are off for her to not be...
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    lfs or not?

    should i go or not? if i go i buy ish lol
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    football season is here!!!!

    since i coah maybe it will keep my out of the lfs boy its hard being a junkie i dont think i can kick the mts
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    Question who has cons with what other fish?

    just curious on what type of fish you guys have sucsessfully mixed up some convicts with? like how many gallon tanks they were in etc etc im not talking about a breeding pair but just a con with other fish i just wonder how to keep one from my first spawn and how to make it interesting
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    Question pwc ritual

    O0 just curious about everyones pwc rituals lol filter cleaning all that just to see if im nerotic alone or do i have company:;bb
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    60 Gallon Tank new fish

    i bought 1 male 2 female melanochromis auratus male is atleast 3 inches and females are 2.5 inches so now i have 11 in there ill post pics soon after they get settled in
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    Question how many gallons for a trout?

    i am a avid fisherman and how many gallon pond would i need to house one? i understand they need cool water and their diet all that like 1000 gallon yard pond with some kind of cooling device? just being curious up late at night blah blah blah
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    Question green terror

    what fish goes with green terrors?
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    ok so anyway mom ate a few of her eggs and wont let dad near her or is it possible she moved them or did he? she chases him away
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    55 Gallon Tank now what?

    ok one angel fish 2 silver dollars and a rts in a 55 was going to be a fry tank but didnt go that way lol now what?
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    well they sure spawned a truck load of eggs i guess they must be happy lol
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    55 gallon for 50 bucks

    tank,hood,light,wisper ex 70 filter all kinds of chems a net and an air pump air hose all that so all i had to buy was substrate 20 lbs coral and 30 lbs gravel and a ac 110 so now my fry have a sweet grow out tank or maybe ill divide it for holding females or something just thought id share my...

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