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  1. mikalac

    Free Mystery Snail Montana

    Free mystery snails to anyone willing to come to the Bozeman, MT area for pickup! Gold color, about the size of a nickel
  2. mikalac

    Free Gold Mystery Snails

    Have a bunch of gold mystery babies. Shipping cost me about $11 last time for 2 day shipping, that’s all you would have to pay. I have some that are a tiny bit larger than a pea, and a lot that are about half of that size. As many as you want!
  3. mikalac

    Topfin Bettaflo Soothe Tank Filter Broken

    i told my friend id take care of her fish while shes home for the summer. she has the 3.5 topfin betta soothe tank. Ive never dealt with an under gravel filter and was wondering if anyone had suggestions
  4. mikalac

    Baby Ivory/gold Mystery Snails

    Hi! I currently have about 60 mystery snail babies, with two more clutches on the way. If you’d like some, you’d only have to pay for shipping or anything I’d need to accommodate the snails. I’m planning on having them until they’re slighty larger just to increase survival chances.
  5. mikalac

    25 Gal Tall

    Hi, I recently got a 25 gal tall tank. I need stocking opinions. in a ten gal long, i have 3 neon tetras (the others didnt survive some now treated ick) and two mystery snails. in a 3 gallon tank i have a male betta (veiltail) with ghost shrimp. would it be better for me to put the betta and...
  6. mikalac

    Important Tetras Suddenly Died

    hi, I had a ten gal with 11 neon tetras that were just finally getting past an ich outbreak. My boyfriend got home from work today (was only gone for 8 hours) and he said there were 5 dead fish all in our floating water wisteria. He’s sending my pictures because he thinks they just ate too...
  7. mikalac

    Plant Id

    got these plants from someone when I bought their tank, what kind are they? She had them planted but I’ve had them floating and my tetras love it. My snails also like to munch on it apparently, will they devour it or will it grow quickly enough so that it won’t make a huge difference? Thanks!
  8. mikalac

    Ich Treatment

    Hi, I just noticed ich on my black neon and neon tetras. Some of them are pretty bad which is surprising cause i hadn’t noticed it at all before today. They’re in a 10 gal tank with 2 snails and a baby pleco(pleco is temporary we’re moving him soon). We didn’t quarantine our last 3 fish we...
  9. mikalac

    Mystery Snail Won’t Get Off Other One?

    hey guys. We have 2 mystery snails together and we woke up to find them like this. I don’t think it’s mating because the smaller guy is in his shell? I don’t know though. It looks like the bigger guy is strugggling to get around so wanted an opinion on what’s happening lol
  10. mikalac

    Tetra Whisper 4g

    Hi guys, My tetra whisper 4g has practically no flow anymore. I took it apart as far as I could, and cleaned everything out with a qtip. Put it back in my tank with the exact same amount of output. Any ideas?
  11. mikalac

    Betta Glass Surfing All Day

    hi guys! I’ve had a veil tail male in a 3.5 gallon for a little over a month. My current readings are 0/0/5-10. His fins are torn up(they were when I got him, but lately I think he’s been stuck on the filter. Some IAL Get delivered today, and I’m going to get aquarium salt to treat it when I...
  12. mikalac

    Brown Stuff On Filter Output?

    Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this stuff is on my filter output. Algae? Is it safe to wipe it off? We haven’t been messing with our filter since we got the tank (about a month ago). Sadly we didn’t know about the nitrogen cycle so we’ve had fish in the entire time. Our...
  13. mikalac

    Filter Cartridge Change

    Hi guys! I bought a 3.5 gal tank for my betta and have been using the cartridges that come with the tetra whisper filter. I’m pretty sure my tank is almost done cycling- ammonia and nitrites almost at zero w about 10-20 nitrates. I listened to advice on not cleaning the gravel while the tank...
  14. mikalac

    Betta Tank Fit For Shrimp?

    I have a 3.5 gallon for my betta. He isnt aggressive, but the reason im hesitant about adding shrimp is that hes very active and loves to explore all areas of the tank, not just the top. He occasionally goes into the moss hideout, but only once or twice a day. I know the tank is small, but i...
  15. mikalac

    Ordering Online From Petco/petsmart

    Hello! I wanted to get a nerite snail or a ghost shrimp for my tank. any experiences ordering online from petco/petsmart? or suggestions?
  16. mikalac

    Betta Tank Mate?

    Hi guys! I currently have my betta in a 3.5 gallon tank with some anubias, silk plants, and moss balls. I was wondering if I could put a nerite in there? I had a mystery before but learned they need larger space so placed him in our 10 gallon instead. Since nerites are smaller and have smaller...
  17. mikalac

    Mystery Snail Acting Strange

    Hello! This is my first post on here but I will try to be as clear as possible. I got a mystery snail 2 weeks ago and lately it has been staying stuck to the wall of the tank right below the waterline. He stays in pretty much the exact same spot the entire day, and I'm worried that he isnt...

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