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  1. Drip&derp

    Help 38g Stocking Help

    Hi I’m looking for suggestions on what to stock in a 38g tank. I’m looking to lightly stock the tank with a tropical community. I haven’t stocked a tank for a few years and just want to make sure I do things right. The person whom I’m stocking the tank for is interested in seeing reds and blue...
  2. Drip&derp

    I Need An Aquarium Rack System

    I am in the process of purchasing 10 new tanks. I am really nervous looking at racking systems that I need to hold several fish tanks. does anyone know of any racks that can hold several gallons (roughly 30 per level of the rack) and are very reliable??
  3. Drip&derp

    Stocking A 200g???

    I was Talking with my dad and he said he wanted a 200g saltwater tank in our living room. he wants a "dory" and a "Nemo". I am looking for suggestions on a 200g stock. (no blue tangs please) I was thinking of stocking with fish, shrimp, and snails, and maybe some crabs. I'm not looking for fish...
  4. Drip&derp

    Stocking Help For 2 Tanks!

    I have decided to start 2 saltwater tanks later in the year(like December). Before I start to cycle I would like to know what fish to prepare for. these will be my first saltwater tank and I plan for it to be 75 gallons. I'm also planning to convert my 38g Marineland bowfront tank into a reef...
  5. Drip&derp

    Sickness!! Parasite????

    I️ know there is something in 3/6 tanks possibly all tanks Here’s what’s going on regarding my baby fire eel -What size is your tank? (What shape?) 55 gallons rectangle -What temperature is your tank?70 degrees Fahrenheit -Does your tank have a filter? (How many, how much water do they...
  6. Drip&derp

    Black Convict Cichlid Emergency

    So this may be a little hard to read because I’m rushing. My black convict is probably a year old now. I️ just did a water change yesterday. He usually hides from me or flairs then swims away and I️ don’t know what’s happening I️ took a video and I️ have no idea what’s wrong.
  7. Drip&derp

    Puffer Entertainment

    I️ just got a group of 4 pea puffers and I️ have them in a 29 gallon tank. This is a image of their tank before I️ put them in. I’m headed out to get more plants and am looking to get toys as well any recommendations on toys? (I️ put a tree decor in the left corner)
  8. Drip&derp

    Red Tail Shark Stocking And Transport

    I️ have a issue and I️ don’t know how to go about it. The issue is that I️ believe my red tail shark is stunted. I️ don’t know if I️ should move him to my 55gallon or leave him in the 29 gallon he came in. The 29 gallon has a bn pleco, red tail shark, 2 guppies (m), 5 glow light tetras and a...
  9. Drip&derp

    Scared To Move Forward

    Hi my name is chase I’m kinda scared to get into saltwater. I have 5 freshwater tanks and I like to reach outside my comfort zone, but with living creatures at stake I’d rather not risk their lives by jumping into saltwater. I’m very scared that I may mess up saltwater. I’m only a student and...
  10. Drip&derp

    Snail Eggs? Or Bubbles?

    I’m breeds pond snails for my assasin snails. I️ have never breed any animal before so I’m in no way a professional. I️ was wondering if these were eggs as they are all over the tank the eggs are all over the plant. Sorry for the poor quality but do they look like eggs?
  11. Drip&derp

    Red Tail Shark Aggression

    I was given a tank that needed a home and it homes a shark 2 black skirt tetras, 5 other tetras I’m not sure the species and 2 other fish that I belive are a platy and a Molly I can’t tell ( I don’t have a picture) the shark picks on the 2 skirts, molly and platy but leaves the tetras alone. I...
  12. Drip&derp

    First Livebearer Spawn. Tips?

    I remember my first month owning live bearers I was SOOO worried about spawn. Recently my tank got cracked so we got it fixed (almost) the inhabitants were moved into a large plastic container for holding. This was stressful enough for me but and the fish. But of course my female sword tails...
  13. Drip&derp

    Small Shrimp/snail Tank

    I want to Start a small tank *no more than 5 gallons plz* to feed some of my assassin snails and my growing fire eel. I want to stock it with pond or ramshorn snail and some shrimp (not sure what species). I'm looking at one of the 3-gallon cubes with the hangover light thingy. *** I was...
  14. Drip&derp

    Fire Eel Possible Issue?

    long story short I got a fire eel without doing research shame on me. Now I have a 3-inch fire eel in a 55-gallon aquarium with a few other fish what should I do. I'm aware of how big they get right now he's not having any issues. I am able to relocate him or the fish with him
  15. Drip&derp

    Birthday Tank

    I'm setting up a small tank for my fathers birthday. He is in LOVE with glofish. Yes, I know the whole issue with glofish but its something he really wants. I was looking for recommendations on stocking a tank 13 gallons or lower with glofish or an alternative brightly colored fish. (I will be...

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