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  1. fengshui

    Help eheim 2213 down

    So recently, I've noticed a drastic increase in diatoms and cloudiness of water. So I checked all my filters and realized that my EHEIM 2213 has been running dry with water in the bucket but not flowing for at least 24 hours! I immediately unplugged it, took off the cap and basically rinsed...
  2. fengshui

    Algae wafers for cichlids?

    Good evening all, I was wondering if it's a good idea to supplement by Blood Red Parrots with algae wafers? If so, what kind? Thanks!
  3. fengshui

    Exact strand of blood parrots?

    Hi, I have several blood parrots or as I was told they were. I am wondering if any of them could possibly be a King Kong parrot since it is much more red and can correctly close its mouth. Please identify, thanks!
  4. fengshui

    10 gallon cleanup

    imageimageimage I have neglected a 10 gallon planted tank with cherry and amano shrimp all of which are alive! Now that it is summer, I have the time to actually care for the tank. There seems to be a lot of debris and dead plants mixed into the substrate. What would be the best and fastest way...
  5. fengshui

    When is enough?

    I currently have a 29 gallon stocked with 6 lovely juvenile high quality blood parrots and equipped with two Hydor Koralia 425s, an Aquaclear 110, an Eheim 250 and a Marineland Penguin Biowheel 250! Both the Aquaclear and Eheim use Seachem Matrix while the Eheim also uses Purigen! Should I add...
  6. fengshui

    HELP with algae!

    Recently I've began to up the amount and number of times I feed my fish gradually, however; several types of algae have popped along the glass. I currently have an eheim 250, marine land bio wheel 250 and an aquaclear 110 on the 29 gallon with two hydor koralia 425s. The tank is stocked with...
  7. fengshui

    What fish are these?

    Hi I would like to know what fish these are and their general care requirements. Thanks! image
  8. fengshui

    Stunted growth myth

    So everybody knows the myth where if you place a young fish in a small tank that's supposedly to grow large but it doesn't reach it's full capacity because the growth is stunted. I would like to know if this is true, please share your experiences. Thanks
  9. fengshui

    Riccia fluitans?

    The basics about it please?
  10. fengshui

    Bump on blood parrots gills?!

    Hi, I recently did lots of water changes and installed Purigen. Everyone is doing well but my biggest blood parrot, doggy, has an unusual bump on both of his gills just behind the fins?! What could it be? Here are some pics.imageimageimageimageimageimage
  11. fengshui

    Floating plant ID?

    Hi all, I've always wanted to know what exactly this plant is, it floats and has been thriving in my aquarium. And I have no idea what it is.image
  12. fengshui

    Seachem Matrix in Aquaclear HOBs

    HI, all, I'm wondering whats the best type of media to place in my AC50 for a 10 gallon Freshwater cherry shrimp tank. I am using sponge on the bottom, then biomax in the middle and hopefully matric in the top. So is it possible for matrix to be placed in the AC HOB at the highest flow rate of...
  13. fengshui

    best environment to breed RCS

    Hi all, I would like to know how I can improve my 10 gallon RCS/Amano shrimp tank into a suitable environment to breed HUNDREDS of RCS. I currently have temperatures in the 80s along with an AC50, a bio sponge filter, and an Aqueon Quietflow 10. I have not covered the intake of the HOBs since...
  14. fengshui

    cholla wood?

    Hi all, I just wanted to know how cholla wood benefits RCS. I heard their ph buffering tannins help, but is it worth it to buy 4 3" pieces for $25? I currently have mopani wood, is that good enough? Also, what are some suggestions to improve the breeding behavior of RCS?
  15. fengshui

    Seachem Purigen and The Bag

    Just wondering, where would I place the Purigen in a standard setup of an eheim classic 2213. Also, could I just dump the Purigen in or should I get The Bag from Seachem.
  16. fengshui

    South American with central/north american cichlids?

    Hi, all I just wanted to know if the title stated is possible? Thanks in advance
  17. fengshui

    can overstocking affect the aquascaping?

    So my tank is overstocked with blood parrots, red devils, red severums and a green terror. So far everybody is getting along well as juvies, however, I know they will start becoming VERY aggressive, therefore, I am getting a 125 or 175 gallon in the near future. However, for now, I am thinking...
  18. fengshui

    aqueon pro 150 vs eheim jäger 150

    Hi all, I'd like to know which is best for a 29 gallon cichlid tank. I care about performance, quality and customer service. So which is best and by the way, is 150 watts enough wattage for good stability and control
  19. fengshui

    Invert obsession

    If any of you shop for inverts or plants, you should know that invert obsession sells a majority of the results. They seem to have good results but would buying marimo moss balls from them x5 in 2"-3" diameter for $20 with shipping be worth it? Has anyone ever ordered from them?
  20. fengshui

    eheim 2217

    Hi, I just wanted to hear everybody's opinion on the eheim 2217 for my overstocked 29 gallon. It already includes: 2 Hydor Koralia 424 powerheads 1 Marineland penguin biowheel 200 1 Marineland penguin biowheel 350 Any suggestions, tips or comments about the eheim 2217 are welcomed.

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