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  1. elwe1996

    Help Burns Near My Betta’s Gills?

    I noticed pinkish red patches near my female Betta’s gills and I don’t know what the cause is or the best way to treat it. A coworker said to put her in a quarantine bowl and use Betta fix and only spring water. Is this a good idea?
  2. elwe1996

    Question Are These Pellets To Big For Small Fish?

    I was lucky enough to find new life spectrum thera+a at Petco about a week ago, and I can’t tell if they’re to big for my fish to eat. It seems like the fish in my 20 long do eat some of them when they swarm to the top, but it’s a little hard to tell. Meanwhile the tetras in my other tank...
  3. elwe1996

    Question How To Sterilize Hob Filter After Quarantine?

    I’m using my Aquaclear 20, that’s usually on my 20 long, on my 10 gal QT tank. I’m quarantining the last of the fish I’m going to put in my 20, and I want to move the filter back when it’s done. What is the best way to sterilize the filter, media, and pre-filter sponge? Or do I just need to get...
  4. elwe1996

    Question Did I Miss Anything In This Betta Display.

    I helped with a sales display for Betta fish, and I want to know if there is anything else that is important that should be on the table? Just as a note there is water conditioner and ready start bacteria on the table it’s just hard to see from the camera angles.
  5. elwe1996

    Question Is This A Harlequin Rasbora?

    I bought some Rasboras that were sold to me as the Heteromorpha variety, but after posting pictures on a separate thread on weather one was carrying eggs, I got a comment says it might not be Heteromorpha but instead Hengeli or Espei. If anyone can help verify the identity of my fish that would...
  6. elwe1996

    Question Is My Harlequin Rasbora Carrying Eggs?

    I can’t tell if my Rasbora is fat with eggs or if they are having a bloat problem? I want to say I saw some spawning behavior, but I would like the opinion of someone who has more experience then me.
  7. elwe1996

    Question Is This The Start Of Black Beard Algae Or Just Really Bad Diatom Buildup?

    My S. Repens got hit really badly by brown/diatom algae, but now I think it might be growing some black beard algae. Can someone help me identify the algae growing on my plants. I have a Aqueon optibright for lighting and it’s plugged into a timer. It’s set to come on around 8:52 am and to go...
  8. elwe1996

    Question Center Piece Fish That Can Live With Panda Corys?

    I have a 20 long with four adult Panda Corys and about 3 juveniles (I plan on re-homing most of the babies once they're big enough), three Amano Shrimp (going to be adding 4 more in about a week after quarantine), two Nerite Snails, and a male Guppy who will be getting two more friends (both...
  9. elwe1996

    Question Did I Over Glue This Anubias?

    So this is my first time gluing a plant to a piece of drift wood with IC-Gel, and I think I might have over done it. Should I try to peel it off and try again? Also how do I get the gel off my fingers.
  10. elwe1996

    Question Is My Bette’s Tail Getting Ragged Or Is It Just Me?

    I was watching my Betta Shinha swimming and his tail looked a bit tattered to me, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing things, and being paranoid. These are the best photos I could currently get of him. He doesn’t like floating in one place for to long.
  11. elwe1996

    Help 0.5 Ppm-1 Ppm Nitrite After 50% Water Change

    So I did a 50% water change today on my 3.5 gl Betta tank, and tested the water afterwards. The results for the nitrite freaked me out since it read to either be 0.5-1 ppm. The tank has been up and running since about August 2018 so it should be cycled by now. I do have a amazon sword in there...
  12. elwe1996

    Help Diatom Algae On S. Repens

    So I have some lovely S. Repens growing in my 20 long, which has only been set up for a month, and it's being taken over by diatom algae. What would be the best way to remove it from the very small leaves?
  13. elwe1996

    Help Finrot On My Gourami?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 20 gal long How long has the tank been running? About a month Does it have a filter? Yes two. An Aquaclear 20 and 30 Does it have a heater? No What is the water temperature? 73.5 degrees Fahrenheit What is the entire stocking of this tank...
  14. elwe1996

    Help Help With Changing My Original Stocking Idea

    I was originally going to finish stocking my 20 long with Panda Cory x6, Otocinclus x6, Dwarf Gourami x1, Male Guppy x3, Amano Shrimp x3, and Nerite Snail x2, but my Otos died before I could get a shoal going. So my question is do I have enough room in my tank to do a top to mid level school...
  15. elwe1996

    Is This A Chain Sword?

    so I have a plant that was sold to me as a chain sword, and I wanted to double check if it was a root feed or a water column feeder. But when I googled chains sword plants I couldn’t find it.
  16. elwe1996

    Question Dwarf Gourami With Panda Corys?

    So I have a 20 long with a Dwarf Gourami, two guppies, two Otocinclus, and at the very least five Panda Corys (they keep laying eggs and at least one fry from each spawn survives). I know the Panda Corys like colder water, but I didn't know this when getting them which is my fault for not doing...
  17. elwe1996

    To Rescape Or Not To Recscape? That Is The Question.

    so I have 20 long that’s lightly planted with 1/2 inch of Seachem Flourite on the bottom, and 1 inch of sand to cap it. Most of my plants are doing well like my Anubias nana, Windelov Java fern, Java moss, and Rosseta sword. My Amazon swords and S. Repens on the other hand seem to be struggling...
  18. elwe1996

    Help Me Figure Out If I Have Low Or Medium Light

    so I can’t find any information on my light the Aqueon optibright ( just the regular optibright not the optibright plus), and I can’t tell if it’s low light or med light. It looks pretty bright to me but I know nothing about lights, and what I looked up confused the heck out of me. The fixture...
  19. elwe1996

    Help Help Me Read My Api Test Please

    this is my first time using the API fresh water master test kit, and would like some assistance in reading my results. I would also like advice on fixing any problems I might have. Also the pictures I took aren’t the best and the color looks a little bit different, but I don’t think it should...
  20. elwe1996

    Question How To Feed Lone Surviving Otocinclus

    So I recently upgraded my tank from a 10 gal to a 20 long, and lacked the foresight to keep my Oto's fed. One sadly passed on last night but I want to do my best to keep the other alive, and start a proper shoal. Some advice I've gotten from @DoubleDutch is to grow algae on some rocks. I...

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