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  1. pixelhoot

    Best Filter For A 5.5 Gallon?

    Hello! I was asking since smaller tanks seem to be plagued with the most misinformation. I'd really like a power filter, but I'm open to ideas.
  2. pixelhoot

    Corydoras Has White Fuzzy On Head

    Hello! So my Cory Cat, Wreck-Gar, was getting a lesion on his face that looked very similar to hole in the head. However, when I treated him for it, the lesion seemed to close up and grow out into a white poff. I tried to gently remove some of it with tweezers, but I think it's firmly rooted in...
  3. pixelhoot

    All About Copepods!

    Hello! So I recently changed the substrate for my 2.5 gallon tank to start keeping plants. I switched to Fluorite by Seachem and purchased at LFS. I got everything set up and the dust was just settled when I noticed a small buglike creature skittering around my tank. Turns out it was a Copepod...
  4. pixelhoot

    About Fluval Aquamax Filter Media

    So I was considering switching filter media to Fluval Aquamax to lower the amount of brown algae in my tank. Would it possibly absorb any medicine I plan to put in the tank? I would like to know this for future reference so I know to remove the media if and when I add meds.
  5. pixelhoot

    Stocking Suggestions For A 20 Gal Long

    Hello! I was hoping to get some suggestions as I'd like a bright but peaceful center fish for my 20 gal long (As well as some small tetras if possible). My tank looks pretty empty right now in mid and upper regions! Here are the current fish in the tank. Cory cats are not subject to change...

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