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  1. NicksFishTanks

    60 gallon cichlid tank

    I have a 60 gallon cichlid tank with only 5 South American cichlids in it. Every time I come over it seems as if they are fighting. I have watched videos of cichlid tanks that have 15-20 cichlids in them and they are doing just fine. Would it help with fighting if I add more cichlids that way...
  2. NicksFishTanks

    How to clean plants

    I was wondering if there is anyway to clean plants make sure there is no parasites on them or anything like that. I know for corals to do that they put them in bug killer for a few minutes then rinse them off really good. I was thinking maybe this wouldn’t work for plants. It might kill them...
  3. NicksFishTanks

    Snail Eggs?

    I have had these things all over my tank. I had a problem with parasites from the lake not to long ago. I’m wondering if they moved into my other tank and are in there also or are these snail eggs. They are underwater. I was cleaning my filter the other day and there were these things in there...
  4. NicksFishTanks

    Guppy gives birth 2 times

    I got my guppy from the store about 2 months ago now. After about 1 month it had 2 guppy fry. Now another month later it had a batch of about 15-20 fry. There is no male in the tank. I’m just wondering if they can have fry 2 times without a male in the tank. I have a killifish in the tank with...
  5. NicksFishTanks

    Ick Or Other?

    I had got a turtle not to long ago and I got him some feeder fish to put in his tank. My guppies then were very close to having birth so I took out the turtle and made it my breeder tank, and grow out tank. I moved all the feeder fish to my community tank. A few days after I moved them some of...
  6. NicksFishTanks

    Small Parasite Thing

    I has got some plants from a tiny pond on the side of a road not to long ago. It didn’t look like any fish lived in it, it was so small and shady. When I brought home some of the plants I started noticing little bugs and creatures in my tank. I’m the picture you can see one of them. They look...
  7. NicksFishTanks

    Oscar Loses Eye

    I just got a Oscar from the store. I get home, acclimate him and put him in my tank. As soon as I put him in the tank a cichlid a little bit bigger then him goes right up to him and starts circling. He then goes in for some bites on the oscars. Once I saw that I try and get the Oscar out as...
  8. NicksFishTanks

    10g New Tank

    I might be setting up a 10 gallon saltwater tank soon. I have no idea what I need for a saltwater tank so don’t judge. This would be my first saltwater tank. I just want to know the basics and what I will need to run this tank and have fish. Such as filter, coral, etc. I would want to put a...
  9. NicksFishTanks

    Guppy Dropping Eggs?

    Something very weird happened today in my tank. I had posted a tread earlier about when my guppy was going to have birth, they had said about a week(now a week ago). Since it has been about a week I Putnam her in a breeder box and waited for her to drop fry. She didn’t drop any fry, but what she...
  10. NicksFishTanks

    120g Discus Filtration

    I have a 120 gallon tank and I’m planning on putting discus in it, as well as many plants. Since I’m putting discus I know they need good filtration and water quality. I want to put in a sump but my tank has tempered glass and I cannot drill it. I now will need to get a overflow box instead of...
  11. NicksFishTanks

    Guppy Pregnant?

    I believe the lighter guppy is pregnant but I’m not completely sure. Also the darker guppy had had birth about 3 days ago, after she had birth there was only 4 guppy fry. Since then she has gotten larger and her gravid spot has gotten darker. Is it possible for her to be giving birth again? Also...
  12. NicksFishTanks

    Guppy Fry Won’t Eat

    My guppy just had fry and I had put in brine shrimp, just hatched. I was watching them for a little while and they would just go up to them inhale them then quickly spit them out. I also put in some flake food but I’m not sure how to crush it up enough to be able to fit in the guppy’s mouth. Any...
  13. NicksFishTanks

    120 Gallon Discus Tank

    I just got a 120 gallon. The guy gave me some filter and heaters with it. He gave me 2 large filters that hang off the back of the tank. I’m not sure if this is good enough for the filtration or will I need to get a canister filter, or some other type of filter.
  14. NicksFishTanks

    Pregnant Guppy?

    Is my guppy pregnant? It started getting fat about a month ago and not it seems to have gotten a little bit skinnier. I’m not sure if it’s just me or she had babies and I just didn’t get to them in time. Right now I have her in a breeding box just Incase.
  15. NicksFishTanks

    Monster Community Tank

    I am getting a giant tank and I hope to put fish like peacock bass, clownknife, shovelnose, and other large fish. I am just wondering if they can be together or will they fight. Like the clownknife and the peacock, I am thinking maybe the peacock will bully the clownknife.
  16. NicksFishTanks

    Pond Filter

    Say if I wanted to make a pond filter out of a trash can, what material would I have to use to have a good working filter. I’m not sure. I’ve heard many things such as bioballs and lava rocks and filter pads. Also for a 900 gallon above ground pond how many gph pump would I have to have? I live...
  17. NicksFishTanks

    Mystery Fish

    Anyone know what type of fish this is. I caught it at the lake and I’m not sure what it is. I put it in a little patio pond fountain thing like a 1 and a half ago. About a month ago I took all of the fish out (so I thought) and then I come back yesterday and find him in there. Still alive. There...
  18. NicksFishTanks

    220 Planted Discus Tank

    I am planning on putting a planted 220 gallon discus tank into my living room soon. I have the tank already and I am not sure what I will need for it. I am used to having smaller tanks such as 90g or 60g where they have a filter on the back. I am wondering what supplies I will need to get it...
  19. NicksFishTanks

    Pregnant Or Just Bloated? Jack Dempsey Cichlid

    I am wondering if my Jack Dempsey Cichlid is pregnant or just bloated. Sorry about the bad pictures. Every time I would get close enough it would swim away. I just got this Cichlid 3 weeks ago and there are no other Jack Dempsey in the tank. Please let me know what actions I should take in order...

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