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  1. TadpoleMadtom

    Coldwater Advice

    I am restarting a 37 gallon southeast USA biotope, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about the fish that I plan to stock my tank with or any other ideas for my tank. The possible fish are: Mosquito fish Glass shrimp Dwarf orange crayfish Fathead minnow (rosy reds) Florida flagfish...
  2. TadpoleMadtom

    Humidity For Frogs

    I mist my 15 gallon terrarium about 4 times a day, and it still drops below the recommended 50-80%. The humidity in my house is 55%. Currently, there are no tadpoles or frogs in the tank, but I have it all set up for them. How can I keep humidity up? Aquarium details 50% land 50% water Temp...
  3. TadpoleMadtom

    Help Mysterious Fish Deaths

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 37 gallons How long has the tank been running?I 1/2 year Does it have a filter?I Yes Does it have a heater?I Yes What is the water temperature?I 74 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 5 mosquitofish, 1 Sailfin...
  4. TadpoleMadtom

    Question Has Anyone Ever Kept Darters Or Madtoms?

    The final stage of my native tank stocking is darters and madtoms. Both are bottom feeders and live in well aerated water (I have four airstones running). Has anyone ever kept them and have pointers for me? I'm thinking about tadpoles madtoms and brown or swamp darters. After next restock: 3x...
  5. TadpoleMadtom

    What Are These Little White Things?

    I found these little white thingies on the side of my tank. They look like eggs to something. I have 3 dwarf Orange crayfish, 3 Mosquitofish, 2 Fathead minnows, 3 nerite snails, 5+ 1 Blackbanded Sunfish, and two Florida flagfish. The flag fish are both female and the mosquitofish are livebearers...
  6. TadpoleMadtom

    Will Florida Flag Fish Eat Other Fish?

    I am planning on getting a Florida flag fish for my 37 gallon cold water tank. I am wondering if they eat other fish, or they just ate aggressive and chase other fish. I have two <1 inch crayfish and two 1 inch mosquitofish. The crayfish have been known to snap at my spazzy Fathead minnow and my...
  7. TadpoleMadtom

    Cycled With Fathead Minnows

    I tested the nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia this morning and received 30ppm for nitrates and 0ppm for the others. My Fathead minnows had shown no response to the changing water quality and were acting comparable to my cherry barbs when I cycled their tank. They were happy and eating readily...
  8. TadpoleMadtom

    New 37g United States Cold Water Biotope

    Here is my new cold water tank. The fish are Fathead minnows. Personally, I think they're cute.
  9. TadpoleMadtom

    Post Cycling Fish

    After my tank is cycled, I need to pick out some friends to live with my Fathead minnows. I was looking into other creatures from my tank and I came across more than two, which is how many I want to put in my tank. My tank is a 37 gallon cold water North American biotope and I noticed that I...
  10. TadpoleMadtom

    Have You Seen These Fish?

    Which of these fish have you seen at fish stores? Select all that apply Sorry about the two mudminnows
  11. TadpoleMadtom

    What Fish Do European Stores Have?

    I was reading yesterday about native fish for my aquarium and I noticed that pygmy sunfish are sold in European pet stores. Now I live in the United states, so I am interested in if any other U.S. native fish are sold in europe.
  12. TadpoleMadtom

    Small Water Lily

    Does anyone know of a water Lily like plant that is small and native to the United states? I'm setting up a 37 gallon native tank, so I would like to know if there are some lilies to make my tank look cool.
  13. TadpoleMadtom

    Mosquitofish For Cold Water Tank?

    Has anyone ever kept mosquitofish? If so, is there anything I should know about them before putting them in my 37 gallon cold water southeast United States biotope?
  14. TadpoleMadtom

    Cardinal Tetra Paling

    My cardinal tetra seem to have lost all of her red color, but none of her blue. She is also having trouble swimming. My ammonia is 0ppm, my nitrite is 0ppm and my nitrate is 20ppm.
  15. TadpoleMadtom

    Dwarf Orange Crayfish With What?

    I'm planning on getting a dwarf Orange Crayfish for my 37 gallon southeastern US native fishtank, but I want to know if hornwort, foxglove, or spatterdock would be the best for my crustacean.
  16. TadpoleMadtom

    Keeping Fathead Minnows (rosy Red Minnows)

    My local fish stores did not sell Sailfin mollies, which I wanted to use as starter fish for my 37 gallon SE United states fishtank, but I discovered rosy red minnows being sold as feeder fish. I want to know what I need to do to prepare them to be community fish.
  17. TadpoleMadtom

    Bad Fish Puns

    Can anyone think of any really annoying fish puns that will make people cringe?
  18. TadpoleMadtom

    Absent Heater

    When setting up my 37 gallon southeastern US tank, I noticed in the starter pack that a heater was included. I thought to myself, 'this is supposed to be a native fishtank. The temperature isn't supposed to be 80 degrees, all day, every day. I'm going to leave this out and let my fish tank be...
  19. TadpoleMadtom

    Southeastern United States Native Tank First Fish

    I had decided that I would start a native tank to replicate an actual pond or pool in a 37 gallon tank. I have it set up with sand and gravel as the substrate and various rock crevices and native plants, but I still need to decide what my starter fish are going to be. I've narrowed it down to...

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