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    Starting over

    I'm going to try again. :-[ I'm hooked & I miss my Betta. :'( I rinsed out my tank & the gravel. I don't know if I should just wash everything with hot water or should I use detergent. If detergent, any specific kind? I am not going to use the same gravel. I want to go with a more natural look...
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    Help! What does ich look like? My poor Betta

    :'( I don't know what the heck is going on with my Betta. He has been acting sick for over a month. I had trouble with my heater & ordered another one because I couldn't keep the temp. stable. I tried giving him a pea (soaked in garlic) four times & I haven't seen him eat or swim for a very...
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    Help! Sick Betta

    I have no idea what is going on with my Betta! He has not eaten & is just laying around on the bottom all the time for the past three days. When he does swim, he just dashes to the top & right back to the bottom. I noticed that his tail was looking ragged so I removed one of the plastic plants...
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    Water change

    If there aren't any problems with my tank, how often should I be doing a water change? I did a 25% water change today into a 5 gallon bucket. I am saving the water to clean my filter in. Right? My ph is usually around 7.2-7.8. Can I grow plants in that ph? I have stopped using the ph buffer so...
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    I want to get a new filter

    Hi.  I have learned so much from this site!  I really appreciate all the help.  My filter came with my tank.  It only has one filter cartridge.  I was looking at the Penquin bio-wheel filter & the aqua clear.  I noticed that they treat the water mech./chem./biological.  My tank is a 10 gal.  I...
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    Hi all.  I am still having trouble with my water.  My ph reads 7.2-7.8, hard (150), 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate, but my alkalinity is 300!  I thought if my ph was around neutral that my alkalinity would be where it is supposed to be.  I am using a buffer called "bullseye" it automatically adjusts ph. ...

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