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  1. Waterloo

    Waterloo’s First (future) Saltwater Tank

    ....*Sigh* Just when I think I am set on a game plan I get a curve ball lol Yesterday, my boyfriend found a free bowfront tank on the curb and picked it up for me. (#RelationshipGoals...) anyway. Had a clear cut path for my freshwater water builds and now I’m thinking it’s about time I...
  2. Waterloo

    Waterloo's 20 Gallon

    Hey everyone, Feel like all of my posts are all over the place so figured I'd tidy up and just make a thread for my 20 gallon tank. Currently: 1 mystery snail 3 female dalmatian molly 1 male dalmatian molly 2 male fancy guppies Java moss, crypts, moss balls, amazon swords Equipment...
  3. Waterloo

    Question Blasting Sand Substrate...myth Or Legend?

    So late last night was rummaging around Fish Lore and stumbled upon a topic I have never heard of. Using black diamond blasting sand as substrate. It’s cheap for starters. Most say it was clean and didn’t need rinsing prior to putting it in and saw it has been used successfully with already...
  4. Waterloo

    Question Overwhelmed By Lights

    As my time in the fish hobby gets longer I keep getting more drawn into planted tanks. I love the look, feel and even the maintaining process of planted tanks. I want to get more involved and make my current 20 gallon tank a bit heavier planted. It currently has some amazon swords, java moss...
  5. Waterloo

    Funny Bro...silly Guppy Moment

    So get home. Feed fish and head count everyone. Cool. Sat down and started to eat myself when a little flicker started to catch my eye. This freaking guppy manages to get stuck inside this bottle which has been here for months!! I love how the other fish is just watching him like...bro...
  6. Waterloo

    Moving Tanks And Water Circulation

    I don’t know how you guys do it! Moving 55 gal, 120s yada yada... Pivoted my dresser/tank so it sat in the corner of the wall differently just for asthenic purposes. Seemed like I simple task but it took forever! Fish are completely unfazed by the whole experience lol Cool part is now I can...
  7. Waterloo

    Waterloo’s (future) Dawrf Puffer Tank - 10 Gallon

    Welcome! I found two 10 gallon tanks for free on Craig’s list a few months ago and have been sitting in my closet while I was cycling and starting my 20 gal. The 20 has been going for about 6 months now so figured it’s time to start working on tank number 2. I’m not 100% sure what I want to...
  8. Waterloo

    Sudden Drop In Ph?!

    I am sure there are a ton of posts just like this but can’t seem to find any and google isn’t working to well...or maybe I’m just impatient.. Tank has been up for 6 months now. Fishless cycled. My tap reads out at 7.6 pH. Do water testing throughout the week and usually hit 7.0 and 7.2 every...
  9. Waterloo

    A Bittersweet Goodbye To My Pleco

    So some of you may have been following along but to catch up I had what I thought was a clown Pleco. However after joining this forum early in the week I quickly found out I have a common sailfin pleco. Not a good match for my 20 gallon. I felt awful for not doing the proper research and...
  10. Waterloo

    Pleco - 1 Plants -0

    Pleco 1 Plants 0 ‍♀️ trying to keep my plants from being uprooted constantly and found out yesterday that terracotta pots are aqua safe and could maybe keep my plants together long enough to get better stronger roots. Nope.
  11. Waterloo

    5 Things I Learned

    I have grown up with tanks. We always had freshwater tanks in the house for as long as I can remember. Then when I hit early teens my step dad took a huge leap from freshwater to a 150 gallon salt water reef and fish tank. I helped out with mixing salt, set up water softener systems to sump...
  12. Waterloo

    Pleco Vs Plants

    Good morning! So I love live plants in my tank and the benefits they bring and I am also in love with my common pleco. (Slurpy :happy For the most part I have Amazon Sword and a few moss balls. Plecos, like some may know, have no regard for plants and really don't care about ripping them up...

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