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    Stray cat

    I've been feeding a stray. Naughty, I know, but I'm a big softy. The poor thing looks like he fought a losing battle with fleas or some kind of biting insect. I got close enough to him to squirt some flea drops on his back, but I don't know if that's enough. Anyone have any ideas on how to help...
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    At last! A pic of Myst!

    You still can't really see his coloring, but I finally got a pic of Myst patrolling his tank. Here's my precious boy: (in the second pic he's in the top left corner.....) Sara
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    Coming soon

    I will soon be the proud mom of a baby rat. My duaghter's rats are both expecting within the week, and I have agreed to take two. One for myself, and one for my step-daughter. I'm planning on two females, and hoping for one solid black or gray. If none of you have ever owned a rat, let me tell...
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    Just an update

    I haven't posted anything new about my boys for a while, so here it is: Draco is doing much better.  His fin rot seems to have ended, and he is slowly growing his tail back.  I do see small areas of white here and there, but some of the color is growing back too.  Myst is his usual friendly but...
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    A story....

    My ex-husband saw a cat "playing" with a baby fox squirrel. I guess he really does have a heart, because he chased the cat away and took the baby home. My daughter is now a devoted Mom to the little boy she named Lucky. If no one here has ever had this experiance before, it is so endearing! The...
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    Another dismal attempt at pics of Myst

    Well, since I had the camera out taking pics of the tank, I decided to try to get a good one of Myst. It didn't turn out great, but you can kind of see his lavender coloring...... (he's dancing with his reflection....... can you see his flaring chin?) S.
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    Tank rearrangement with driftwood

    Here are some "before and after" pics of my tank. Before, without the rainbow rock and no driftwood. After, with the driftwood and rock. It seemed kind of empty, since I have fewer fish, now it is more like aquatic decor in my living room, and the fish are the accents, not the main focus...
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    wild snails?

    I was over at my brother-in-laws house this weekend.  His yard backs up to a large pond/small lake.  There are clams and snails galore in the water.  I was picking out snails and empty shells for my step-daughter to look at, and found many that look like Mystery or Apple snails.  Would it be...
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    Tank rearrangement with driftwood

    I've just added some driftwood to my tank, and hope to post pics as soon as everyone settles down.  Lurch and Twitch seem really upset about my invasion into their territory, but Myst is curiously investigating it.  I had to tie the driftwood to my rainbow rock (using fishing line) to keep it...
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    Question about snails

    My mystery snail climbs up the tank wall and out of the water (not out of the tank, though). Any ideas why he/she might be doing this? Is it possible that it is a female that became pregnant at the LFS and is ready to lay eggs? (I haven't had it long, and it only started doing this today.) S.
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    Where do you buy?

    These are questions for ALL you Betta lovers, but especially those of you who buy them online: Where do you buy your Bettas? Do you trust them? How healthy are your Bettas? How long have they lived? I think I can find room for one more betta tank in my home, and was really just curious. (Also...
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    Mystery snails

    Two of my three mystery snails (Schultz and Sunnie) have grown over and inch apiece since I got them.  I'm happy to say (and a little smug, too), that their new shell growth looks incredibly beautiful compared to the way they looked when I bought them.  No cracks or disintegration, just lovely...
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    African Dwarf Frogs

    Would a couple of AFDs do well in a 20 gallon (high, not long) tank? If so, would they be ok with Dojo loaches? My two loaches don't bother anything, not even the snails. I have no aggressive fish in the tank, only what is posted below in my "sig"..... S.
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    How many cory's?

    I have a 20 gallon aquarium. It is currently stocked with: 1 male betta, 2 dojo loaches, 1 male guppy, 2 otos, and 1 black mystery snail. (plus three swordtail fry in a net-box who will be going to my LFS) How many cory cats would I be able to add to my tank safely? I saw some lovely...
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    Dojo (Weather) Loach

    I've had one Dojo Loach in my 20 gallon for several months now. Tonight I decided that he (Lurch) needed a companion. According to websites, you should keep at least two of them, and can keep two in a 20 gallon tank. So Lurch has a new companion. The new little one's name is Twitch, and Lurch...
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    Draco fin update....

    Well, Draco's fins look better tonight. They don't look like they're healing yet, but they don't appear to have deteriorated anymore. So maybe they will start to heal and grow back now? I had to do a 50% water change last night, due to an ammonia scare. It hasn't been quite a week since I...
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    Brown ("Normal"?) catfish?

    At my LFS they have a few small, really cute brown-colored cory cats. I'm not sure what type they are..... according to the tank info, they are either Panda (doubtful), or "normal" cory cats. Has anyone here ever seen Cory Cats that are mostly brown in color? No spots, no stripes, just a...
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    Bumblebee Catfish?

    Does anyone have any information on Bumblebee catfish?  Are they aggressive? (could they be kept in a 20 gallon with a betta?)  How big do they get? I saw one at my LFS and found it very attractive, but wanted to find out more about them before I attempt to add one to my 20 gallon.   S.
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    Myst pictures?

    Ok, I tried to get pictures of Myst. Boy, did he get mad! I'll post some, but please remember that my camera is rotten for some reason, and the pics are blurry and kind of grainy, and don't really show his true color. He's very lavender on his body, with darker reddish/lavender fins and a rusty...
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    Draco's fins

    My poor little Draco.... I know he's feeling fine by his level of activity and unending appetite, but his fins make me sad..... I'm sure that if he could see himself in a mirror he'd be upset too. He just seems like such a vain little guy, always flashing his tail wide open and waving it at me...

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