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    Feed Time Dad

    Aww how cute
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    How Many Fish Can I Have??

    Hey, I might recommend having guppies or similar fish, they are shoaling fish and would work very well in your tank. It’s roughly 1 gallon per fish but if you are planning to keep some babies leave room for them to grow x
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    Dwarf Chameleon

    How cute
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    Hi Everyone. I'm New Here

    HI Maheash we are so happy to have you here and can’t wait to see what you get up to x
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    Bosemani Rainbows Breeding

    No the water height doesn’t make any difference
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    Hello Fellow Aquarium Lovers!

    Yes can’t wait to see what you get up to
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    Bosemani Rainbows Breeding

    When I had my fry I put them In a smallish separation tank in my main tank while they were small. This was to easily keep the water fresh without having to change it. Because a lot of mine survived, when they got bigger I moved them into a 10 gallon tank once they got to a size I positively knew...
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    Baby Guppies 3 Weeks Old

    How cute
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    Tank Slightly Unleveled

    You shouldn’t worry at all but I understand why your paranoid cause I am to about small things too! If your tank has a lid they won’t be able to jump and if the tank feels unstable/wobbly then I would change the stand but if not it’s fine xx
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    Fish Growth On Head

    I think it may be lymphosarcoma which is a virus it starts with tumor like patches on the fish which may spread into internal organs! But it may not I’m not really an expert on this topic xx

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