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    Over Seeding?

    If I seed a new 2.5 gallon dorm tank with a small filter (with nothing but bio media) that's been running on my larger red devil tank... The bacteria are going to die, because the bio load is going to drop significantly. Would that cause a cycle in itself, or could the remaining bacteria...
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    Behind the scenes

    Has anyone ever been interested in how a large chain store maintains it's aquatics? If I were to type up a little deal on my experiences at PetSmart, would there be any interest? Seeing as I no longer work there (new fish job! ) I won't feel bad about explaining the 'secret' store policies.
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    That's probably the sweetest video I've watched. Some highlights include...more catfish than you can believe, giant freshwater rays, piranha, and my personal favorite...the largest black ghost knife ever filmed-ever.
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    Are there any places that will always have peat moss? I can't seem to find ANY at all!
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    Hello! Just thought I'd drop an introduction here. I picked PetSmart as a username...mainly because I work there. I'm 18 years old, and have been keeping fish for 16 years. My collection spans 26 tanks, ranging from half of a gallon to almost five thousand gallons. Not your typical...

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