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    Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    So I finally got around to setting up some cameras to one of my tanks. Come take a look if you want. I would also invite you to suggest a better camera. Currently using 2 web cams but not getting the best quality from them because of the glass. It seems to be limiting my ability to focus...
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    Angelfish Breeding Question

    Hello all, I have a 40 gallon angelfish breeder tank with a mated pair of koI angelfish in it. They are currently caring for a small brood of about 50 wrigglers. This is only their second brood and I have some concerns. How do I do a water change and clean this tank without the angelfish...
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    60g Freshwater Community Tanks

    So my 2 60 gallontanks are doing well and I thought I would share with you all some pictures showing the change over that last few months. I am pleased with the setup and how well the plants have been doing. Hope you all enjoy!
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    New Tank!!!

    So I went and bought my first saltwater tank, 28g JBJ Nano Cube. Will be adding live sand and live rock this weekend. I look forward to this journey and hope that I can learn lots of info from you all along the way. Wish me luck!
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    Ropefish Question.

    Good morning all. I could use some help. My son currently has a ropefish that he has had to several months and it is doing great. Recently we have tried to add second one to the tank with little luck. The first attempt failed. The new guy was acclimated carefully over a couple hours of adding...
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    Metricide 14 Vs. Flourish Excel

    OK, so I figure this has be covered many times over with you all but I am new to this idea. I have read that using Metricide 14 as a substitute for Excel. Well everyone talk about how Excel is a 1.5% solution and Metricide is a 2.6%. Looking at my Excel bottle though is says it is a 2.5 percent...
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    Fish Illness Help

    Hello all, I have an established 60 gallon medium planted freshwater tank with Marineland 360 canister filter It have a community of tetra, angels, and guppies. Also have a cleanup crew of panda corys, couple SAEs and ghost shrimp. Water perms stay around 7.2 PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 10-20...

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