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    Upgrading/replacing Filter

    That's exactly what I mean mytmouse
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    Upgrading/replacing Filter

    The filter is built into the top of the tank. It uses a powerhead pump to push water through the spray bar above the filter media on the left then as you have said flows to the right then out through two outlets.. not sure why but one has a "nozzle" and the other just dumps straight down into...
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    I did but it met a tree and the tree won unfortunately
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    Any Scuba Divers Out There???

    I used to scuba dive but ended up with too many other commitments and expenses blah blah blah. And the water was only 12 DegC from memory so not the warmest but I guess not the coldest either!
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    Favorite Non-fish Youtubers?

    Tiny Tims Adventures is a good one for a laugh. I also follow MotorTrend Channel Beyond The Press - If you like things being crushed EricTheCarGuy - If you like cars and fixing them TheBackyardScientist - If you're into blowing things up etc CycleCruza - if you're into motorbikes ElectroBOOM -...
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    Upgrading/replacing Filter

    I will also be adding a prefilter to the intake to catch the bulk of things too
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    Upgrading/replacing Filter

    I've been reading through the forums about building your own filters etc and I don't really fancy spending 20-30 on a set of cartridges when I could spend the same amount and have something that will last me far longer! This is the current setup. It seems silly having a cartridge on the second...

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