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  1. JitsuRose

    Koi Plakat Betta Healthy diet?

    I've had my koI plakat betta for about a month now. He ate the tiny floating pellets up until a week or so ago. I gave him daphnia as a treat and now he won't pellets, or flake food. All he will eat are daphnia, bloodworms and mysis. From the betta dial a treat. Is that good enough nutrition...
  2. JitsuRose

    New Koi plakat betta

    He is way more active then my last betta. He's young though. Only about 1 inch long, and tiny. Still trying to get to a cycled tank. But all in all I love him.
  3. JitsuRose

    New Koi Plakat

    My betta didn't make it. I had him for 9 months, had may problems with him for the last 5 months. Fin rot, got better, came back, then swim bladder disease started, got better for a day or two, then came back. Long story short I think he ended up with some intestinal parisites and it progressed...
  4. JitsuRose

    Is there any hope?

    My male betta has developed swim bladder disease, I've had him in hospital tank, aquarium salt, he pooped and got better. This happened 2 more times, now it's not gotten better after he pooped. He hadn't pooped for 4 days and I tried the pea thing, and he pooped that out, but that's it. For the...

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