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    Upgrading/replacing Filter

    I've been reading through the forums about building your own filters etc and I don't really fancy spending 20-30 on a set of cartridges when I could spend the same amount and have something that will last me far longer! This is the current setup. It seems silly having a cartridge on the second...
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    Hot Day = Hot Tank!!

    HI all It's summer here and its forecast to be 28 Deg. I have my water heater set on 26 but the tank is now sitting on 28.5! I have plenty of aeration but I'm trying to slowly lower the temp back down to 26-27. I have a 90L tank and just took out 500ml of water and replaced it with treated cold...
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    Kia Ora From New Zealand

    Hello all, New here and have recently got back into the world of tropical fish keeping! I have been out of the game for a good 7+ years so just getting the hang of things. I have a 90L (about 23-24 gallons I believe) tank which I have just finished cycling and have added 5 Cardinal Tetras and 2...

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