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  1. mearatiara

    Want To Sell Assorted Plants And Fish

    Can you send me pictures of the anubias and pricing? Need shipping cost as well to be sent to 75936. Interested in buying a lot of anubias.. just set up a 210
  2. mearatiara

    Raok Broad Leaf Water Sprite

    I'll take it, can you message me?
  3. mearatiara

    Can I Add On To A Stand?

    Thank you! Any advice on how to remove the top and bottom pieces from the stand?? I used screws and wood glue, so it's put together pretty well
  4. mearatiara

    Can I Add On To A Stand?

    Hi so about a month ago I purchased a 150g tall. I built a stand for it and did a water leak test after I resealed it. On the 7th day, it leaked! So I sold it and planned on getting another 150. I found a cheap oceanic 210 and had to have it. Can I just add on to the previous stand? It's super...
  5. mearatiara

    Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus HELP

    When I had my DG, she only had one lesion. She lasted for about 3 months before I decided to just put her down. I've bought 4 DG's before I knew about the disease and all of them died. 2 of them had bloat and lesions and the other two only had lesions. All four were eating just fine. I tried...
  6. mearatiara

    Assorted Malaysian Trumpet snails

    Can you post pictures of the adults? I'm interested.
  7. mearatiara

    Fish That WON'T Eat Baby Mystery Snails

    Hi, I have a 20g tank where I am hatching a few clusters of mystery snail eggs. I have one clutch that just hatched. Are there any fish that won't eat the baby snails? I'm sure a pleco wouldn't, but they poop too much and usually are too big for a 20g. Any ideas??
  8. mearatiara

    New Nerites

    It's a siphon! He's just trying to get oxygen.
  9. mearatiara

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles are ready!

    I was thinking 6? 2 reds, 2 purples, and 2 ivory's. I would do more but don't want to put to many in my 2 tanks!
  10. mearatiara

    Stocking Hex Tank?

    I prefer fish that looks more exotic.. Do you know of any small schooling fish that have that "exotic" look? I hope that makes sense! lol
  11. mearatiara

    Ramshorns and bladder snails

    Are you still selling them?
  12. mearatiara

    Free: Quick frogbit plant package

    Have any left?
  13. mearatiara

    Stocking Hex Tank?

    You're right! I keep forgetting long term since they get that big. Thank you!
  14. mearatiara

    Want To Sell Mystery snail juveniles are ready!

    Do you have any purple, red, or black available? I have 2 golds and 1 black currently so would like to add more of a variety. I'm also interested in the Ivory's. I just love snails, I prefer them to fish!
  15. mearatiara

    New Nerites

    I didn't even notice that OP said that! Haha! I think snails are just cute, especially mystery snails. They look like little chunky ocean monkeys!
  16. mearatiara

    Black Molly Might Have Ich?

    Thank you! He's my favorite. He seems stressed since I got him and barely eats! I've tried everything, so I'm sure that's why he has ich.
  17. mearatiara

    Cycling my 110l tank

    I disagree with your LPS. Also they don't always know what they are talking about. I've came across one store that told me I can put any fish in a tank that I want, regardless of species..
  18. mearatiara

    Black Molly Might Have Ich?

    Definitely not ich. My blue ram has it at the moment.
  19. mearatiara

    Cycling my 110l tank

    I agree with the previous post. I did a fish in cycle as well and I just got done cycling a week ago, but it sounds like you have a few more weeks based of your readings! Keep doing 1/3 water changes as well. I think it took me a month to finish my cycle and I wasn't doing water changes every...
  20. mearatiara

    Rate my shrimp tank

    Wow, looks amazing!

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