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    To Take Down Tank In Cycle

    This might be a very long story, but I hope you can bear with me. I tested my tank water today to find that my tank is cycling great! With ammonia at 2ppm+ and nitrites appearing at 5ppm. I was so super excited! After weeks of anxiously waiting and testing every 2 days, I thought I could...
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    Has anyone seen or used this product before? What does it actually do? Is it something like this Tetra Safe Start product that I've been hearing about? I was standing in my LFS holding this bottle trying to read the label and still have no clue. Any idea or input? Can it get a tank cycled?
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    Ammonium Hydroxide For Cycling?

    So I found this.. Would it work?
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    Cycling With Raw Tubifex Worms

    So I decided to cycle with raw tubifex worms (that's what it's called on the box) instead of fish food as fish food only released .50ppm ammonia for the past week which I figured wasn't enough to get the cycling properly running right? I tested a day after I placed the tubifex worms in a ziplock...
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    Hi From Singapore

    Hi everyone! I'm Drake and would like to introduce myself all the way from Singapore! I've been checking out Fishlore as a guest now for almost a month now and finally decided to join this fun and awesome place to learn about my favorite hobby. I was introduced to fishkeeping by a friend two...
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    New Here!

    Hi everybody! I've been checking out this forum for close to a month now and finally decided to join. I recently got myself a 55g tank and have been doing tons of research on the fishes I want to get and how to get my tank started. But I still am not so sure about how to get the nitrogen...

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